The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Monday, November 10, 2014

Wow! 18 months later and a baby!

There truly is so much to say I don't even know where to start. 18 months is a long time and an unbelievable amount of stuff has happened. The most obvious being I am now a first time mother to the most beautiful, precious little girl. We are over the moon in love with her and it has changed our lives completely. I was horrible about documenting everything throughout the pregnancy and birth so now that she is 10 weeks old I feel like it is long overdue to catch up and write down some memories before I forget everything completely. So let's start at the beginning.

2013 was crazy busy... once gymnastics season started I was working almost every weekend and traveling a lot, which was really fun. I love my job and going to meets with my girls, it just got a little busy being gone so much. I loved it but I missed having a social life and hanging out with our friends on the weekend too. The summer flew by and fall was gone before we knew it. We had been wanting to plan for like 2 years to have a baby but things kept getting pushed back or new plans popped up and the timing never worked out. So we finally decided on planning to try in the fall. Well it didn't take long at all and I'll never forget the moment we found out.  It was Friday night December 6th. I knew it was early and there might be a chance a test wouldn't show but I was too excited and so I stopped at a drugstore on my way home from Grand Rapids (I was at a meet). I got home and told Ben I bought one and that it was early but I still wanted to try. He was making me dinner and I came back into the kitchen and said "Don't let me go back in there and look before time us up" so we waited. Timer went off and we walked back into the bathroom together hand in hand. I left it right there on the counter and sure enough 2 pink lines!! No one said a word and we just looked at each other for a moment and smiled. Then I said something like " This better be for real... or I can't believe it" something along those lines. We hugged and cried and were so happy!  I of course took many more tests over the next few weeks just to make sure!
We wanted to be able to tell our parents for Christmas and we did! It was a wonderful surprise and we made special gifts for each of them and wrapped them up.
Our first appointment was in January and Ben went with me. I was super nervous and just wanted to make sure everything was ok. At that point you can't feel any movement, I just wanted to hear that heartbeat so bad and there it was steady and strong!
Over the next few months everything was great... I am one of the lucky ones to have had a fairly easy pregnancy. I didn't start to feel movement until after about 20 weeks and we had our 20 week appointment on April 4th before we set off on Spring Break to Branson. We were so excited to find out what it was and FINALLY be able to shop for her. Yes her, our beautiful little girl.
Time flew by after that I finished up my gymnastics season and Dance Recital pics. Once June hit it was nice to relax a little and I had a few baby showers and spent time with friends. By the middle of July I was definitely feeling it worse and worse as I am sure everyone does. At 37 weeks I was really sick and  had bronchitis and a bad sinus infection. All the coughing spurred on contractions and we went to the hospital. They didn't want to induce me till at least 38 weeks so I was sent home on bed rest and medicine. At 37 & 38 week appointments my blood pressure was really high and I went in a few times each week in those 2 weeks to be monitored for lack of movement and high blood pressure. On Thursday of my 38th week I had my last appointment with my OB and she said she was on call all weekend so if my blood pressure stayed high I needed to let her know. So by Saturday we were monitor my blood pressure at home and it had stayed steadily high so I called and she said come on in to labor and delivery. So we went in on Saturday, August 9th, they decided to induce me that evening and the story begins. So now we are on to the whole labor & delivery.

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