The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

1 month

The first month with Olivia was definitely the hardest. I definitely got tired of everyone asking "Isn't this the best? or It's so great isn't it?" ummm no. It's very hard and very exhausting and you don't sleep and most of the time all I wanted to do was lock myself in a room and cry. Yes I did that a lot. She cried and screamed a lot to say the least. There were days I thought it would never end and I desperately needed a break. On the plus side it went fast, I look back now and just think of it as a phase and that its over. Everyday is a new challenge but also a new reward. Olivia was smiling a lot and those first few smiles definitely tear at your heart strings.
~ She learned our voices quickly especially her Daddy's. When Ben would walk into a room she would hear him and turn her head immediately trying to find him.
~ She loves taking baths or showers, they make her really happy and she smiles and laughs the whole time. Olivia definitely has a small laugh but of course no sound yet.
~ Olivia really likes lights and color and observes her flashing lights games.
~ Other then baths to calm Olivia down I walk a lot with her in the Ergo. We will go across the street and walk with Reggie. Most of the time she would instantly fall asleep or she would just stare at the tree tops and the contrast of the leaves and sky.
~ We are amazed at her strength and how she can lift her head and look around already.
~ She has her daddy wrapped around her finger completely :) It melts my heart. 
~ Reggie is very protective of his little sister but still is slightly scared of her I think!

Although it was definitely super hard I wouldn't trade it. I can't imagine life without her and I look forward to watching her grow and develop even more. At this point it has made me change my mind about having future kids but everyone says that will change!  Our hearts are full and she totally rocks our worlds.

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