The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Friday, April 19, 2013


I realize I really need to stop starting off with the same line everytime that "I am really late in writing this post".  I feel that the last few weeks have been a blur of choas.  So there is definitely a lot to catch up on. I will start with my surgery.

So Tuesday morning the 26th of March, Ben and I went into the hospital at about 10:00 am. ( I think) and we got registered and our Pastor came and met with us and talked for a bit and had some prayer time, which we really appreciated. After that I went into pre-surgery and had to change into the lovely gown and get hooked up to the IV. Ben's mom and dad got there shortly after that to visit for awhile and stay with Ben while I was in surgery, which really meant a lot to Ben and I. Then my doctor and the anesthesiologist came in to go over everything.  Then I said my goodbyes and got wheeled away into surgery. Once I got into the surgical room it was really cold and the nurse was sticking those circle things which were even colder onto my skin and the anesthesiologist was talking to me but didn't give me a countdown or anything just talking and so the next thing I knew I was waking up a little confused in a room. I was in there just a nurse and I for a little bit while she asked me a few questions to make sure I was coherent. I was asked about how much pain I was in and if they gave me the pain medication in there ( I think through the IV) then I would need to stay there a while longer but if I wanted to see Ben I could wait and take pain medication later. Of course I wanted to see Ben as soon as possible so I said I would wait. So they took me to the outpatient room where I met Ben and my mother in law. They had gone to get some lunch from the cafeteria and then wait for the doctor to let them know how the surgery went. Ben said it was really nice having his mom there with him and just spending time just the two of them together and it meant a lot to him. So I was really glad for that that she was there for both of us. Once there in outpatient I was given some juice and crackers and they showed Ben how to change my mustache bandages so the drainage and bleeding catches on the gauze. I definitely still felt a little out of it and was starting to feel a little more pain so I got some medicine in me and then they pulled the big, long packing out of nose and that was the worse part. I seriously thought they were pulling my brains out, it was so painful. After that I definitely felt the pain a lot more.
Next Ben and I headed home and I stayed in bed resting while he went to the pharmacy to pick up my meds. The rest of the day I was still pretty groggy and out of it but the pain was bearable. I also had my mustache gauze on and changed it a few times and by late evening I was feeling better and hungry so I had some soup and crackers.  I had to sleep propped up a lot but I slept better then I expected so that felt better.  I was glad to have Ben home with me for another day and it was fun just to be together even though I wasn't at my best obviously. But we just laid on the couch all day watching tv and movies.
On Thursday my mom, dad and grandma came up to spend the long weekend and Ben returned to work, so that way I had someone with me for the first few days. It had been awhile since I had spent time with them so it was nice to have them there.
Basically the next few days was just spent resting and taking it easy. I definitely did better then I or anyone else expected. I thought I would be in more pain and more bleeding but it was much better then that. Of course it wasn't a fun experience but I think with all the prayers that got sent my way it was a faster healing process and I am so thankful for that. With all the love and support and endless amount or prayer angels I had, I am really grateful for every ones help and prayer I had over the whole process.

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