The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring Break Road Trip

So a few days after Easter and a week after my surgery, it was my spring break at work so I wanted to at least take a day and go visit my nieces since I hadn't seen them since Christmas. Since I was feeling pretty good it ended up working out where I could take a few days off.  So on Tuesday, Dad and I traveled to my brothers house and got there in the late morning. I was so excited that we made it there before Rylie got off the bus and I got to run out and meet her. It was so awesome to have her step off the bus and run into my arms so excited! I love that feeling.  Dad and I took the girls on a walk to the playground and we spent a while playing there with them. We spent the day hanging out with the girls and after putting them down for a nap I definitely needed one for myself.  The long drive and playing with them was a lot more then I had done for over a week so I was exhausted.  That evening we went to dinner and Rylie went with us to Bass Pro for a quick errand. We got to look at all the fish in the big fish tank again. It was a fun little time just the two of us. 
The next morning we got up early and I got to walk Rylie to her bus stop again and said goodbye to her and sent her off to school. Dad and I got ready to leave and when we were leaving Ellie got really sad because she wanted to go with us to see her Uncle Ben. She loves her uncle Ben and carries around pictures of him with her and she was so sad that we came without him and then that we were leaving to go see him.
So dad and I headed out and drove up to Wisconsin to visit maranatha Deb.  I haven't seen her and her baby Wes since summer right after he was born, so I was so excited to go visit them! Deb always talks about her town and their house and so it was really fun to visit her there and see her new home and now I can picture it when they talk about boating out on their lake! It was really fun seeing little Wes again too and just sitting down and catching up and talking to one of my best friends ever. I love that no matter how much time has passed since we have seen each other or talked we always just pick up where we left off and its completely normal. I cherish my friends like that and she has been one of my longest friendships and its truly wonderful to know it will be lifelong. Little Wes completely took my dad and it was really funny watching him just stare at dad the whole time.  I was really glad we got to visit and the whole day was a lot of fun. 
After we left Deb we headed north to Green Bay to make a stop by Lambeau field of course! Dad and I hadn't seen it years and so it was a special moment revisiting it together and walking around. We didn't get in to see the field but the whole new stadium and shops and restaurants is really cool and we just spent a little time exploring.  From there we continued on into the UP and made it to Escanaba. The next morning we got up early and did a quick drive around Escanaba and then continued on the way across the UP. Not too long after we started driving we hit a massive snow storm! Seriously! It was like 55 degrees down in Muskegon and yet we were driving through pouring snow! We made it Tahquamenon Falls and the snow almost stopped for us thankfully. Dad and I trekked down the paths with like 3 feet of snow on the ground and finally made it and what a breathtaking picture it was! I have never seen waterfalls in the winter where they are partially frozen and with humongous icicles handing. There really are no words to describe it. I am so glad I got to experience that and hopefully I will see something like it again. Dad and I made it across a snow blowing Mackinaw Bridge and into the city for a bite to eat. The snow didn't stop till almost to Cadillac and then we finally saw some sunshine.
It was a wonderful mini break and another fun, spontaneous trip with my dad.  So many more great pictures to add to the collection!

Rylie and I at Bass Pro

At the fish aquarium 

 Can you see all the icicles?

 A snowy blizzard on the bridge

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