The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Friday, April 19, 2013


Part of the reason I have been lacking in my recent posts and am now just catching up is because I feel everything going on lately has caught up with me and for the first time since my surgery.  I came home last night with a fever, sore throat and strong ear ache. I immediately came in and took a bath and then had some soup and went to bed to rest up. I have a huge important day tomorrow shooting a dance studio and I really want to feel good. I think the past few weeks have been a blur and stressful in our personal life and also working hard at work for our home meet.  Last weekend we hosted another home gymnastics meet and it was a bug success for us again.  It is really awesome for my girls to perform for a full gym of their parents, grandparents, friends and community. It was a lot of work but I am glad it turned out so well. 
At home Ben and I have had a eventful few weeks of interviews and deciding whats best for him and for us for the future. He has been working on applying for jobs to further his career and it has been a lot of decisions and long, lengthy discussions about what is best for us. So of course it has been weighing on my shoulders heavily what to do. I find myself praying constantly through out the day for guidance and trust and for a sign to know what is the right decision.  I know that no matter what happens we will work through it and I couldn't do anything without Ben by my side and I just want him to be happy with his career. No one enjoys a job where your not happy or satisfied and that is really important to me for him to have. So prayers for us that everything happens for a reason and that we trust that we are on the right path. Hopefully everything smooths out soon and we know what our plans are.
As for photography it is now officially my busy season! Tomorrow is the first of the big 3 big jobs I have until mid May. Not only the day of shooting but all the after work of editing, sorting, ordering, packaging and everything else. I always say a big Goodbye to everyone even my Husband during this time because every spare minute is spent on my computer. I tell people I don't have a life from April to June and its so true.  So here goes to another season, hopefully its very successful and less stressful!

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