The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Monday, March 25, 2013

Guns and Dye

Yes I purposefully spelled the title that way. This was definitely an eventful weekend! Saturday morning was another important step in our lives. Not sure again what direction we are heading with it but the morning was a little chaotic and nerve wracking. After that I had a Gymnastics meet in Zeeland with my girls. It was a really great meet, everyone did well again and we had about 20 girls competing this time. 
Once the meet was over I headed to GR where I met Ben and my in laws at the NEW CABELA'S!! So excited there is one close by. Of course it was packed but it was still cool to see it and be there opening weekend. Then we stopped at the mall and did some quick shopping and found Ben some tennis shoes and then headed over to Gander Mountain. Well that turned into an unexpected extra long trip. I ended up buying my very first GUN! Like officially mine! It was definitely spur of the moment and we had talked about getting one for me that I am more comfortable with. Well we found one perfect for me and we couldn't pass it up because of the incredible price! So we got it and now I have my own gun. Officially. Its a big exciting step for me! Yesterday we went out in the afternoon and shot it a few times. Not a lot cuz we can't find ammo anywhere but enough for us to just try it out. I can't wait to practice more!
So the other end of the title is cuz we spent last night with the Easter Egg dye. Ben, Michael and I did a dozen eggs and had fun dyeing and decorating them. I haven't done that in years or longer so it was a lot of fun. I am hoping we can try it again later this week with Grandma. At the end I decided to dip my hair in the dye and see if I could turn up with some purple or pink strands but apparently egg dye doesn't work the same way cuz it didn't turn out. Oh well. I was just wanting some pastel tips for the Easter Holiday :) 
In other news, tomorrow is my sinus surgery and now that it is almost here I am anxious.I am just hoping and praying that it actually works and makes a difference and I don't have to spend 8months of the year on antibiotics and no more dealing with all these sinus infections.I hope its a least a little better and not worth the surgery for nothing. We have to be there at 10 tomorrow and the surgery is at 12. So I probably won't be updating for a few days but I will have some facebook updates and probably a post by the weekend to write down everything that happened!
Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers tomorrow! It will be a long day! 

Friday, March 22, 2013

March Madness

That seems an appropriate title for how I am feeling. Honestly I am through with March and am looking very much forward to April. Not that anything bad happened just that it was so crazy, I had quite a few gymnastics meets on weekends and then of course being sick again. I got another infection and its like an endless cycle.
Let's see, Ben and I did have quite a few fun dates since my last post and I love our weekends we get to spend together. Sometimes it is only one full day we get together but its what I look forward to every week. We went to the circus, skiing, dinners out, movies and video games.Even if its staying in those are the best moments of the week. Its been hectic to say the least but we both have personal stuff going on and we are working together to figure out future plans, jobs,our lives and its at one of those times where things are happening we are just not sure what yet. I feel my spare moments like when I wake up, driving in the truck, in the shower, cooking, has all been spent in prayers just for guidance on what path our lives need to take. Its exciting and stinks at the same time being a grown up!  Also on the agenda, next week I am having surgery on my sinuses so I will be down and out for a week or two. We are hoping that this makes things better in the long run because lets be honest no one likes being on antibiotics 8 months out of the year. Definitely not me. That is happening on Tuesday and Ben will be home with me for a few days and then my family is coming up for the rest of the week and for Easter. Then the following week is my spring break at work which is why I am having the surgery now but hopefully if I am feeling better by the end of that second week I can go visit my nieces and some friends near Chicago. But we will just see how the surgery goes.  So that is our upcoming plans. Even though having the surgery will be very painful and miserable, I am looking forward to a few days of nothing and just being home alone with my husband. Hopefully I am can enjoy that a little bit.
Guess thats all thats going on and nothing else exciting. I will post when we have more news or maybe on my down time in the next few weeks.