The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Blog of Mess

There has been so much to say these last few weeks and I have been waiting for the time to sit down and get them all out. Well now seems to be the best time since my computer is currently being broken a part again in the computer shop while I sit at home stressing about it and missing days of editing work and falling more behind in work. AGHH!! It's as if my computer knows when I have big editing projects to work on and it seems to crash on me. I am having storage issues, apparently I take too many pictures or something and it then it clogs up computer. Or something I guess. Well even my back up hard drive got fried this time so I spent the last few days stressing if I am going to lose certain projects. Well so far its looking good but I still won't get it back till at the earlier tomorrow. So next week will be spent trying to hard to catch up on picture editing.
On other news I am most likely heading into surgery the end of March. I saw an ENT about all my sinus infections and looks like nasal surgery is in my future. So there is that to look for forward too. Not.

Now onto February news. The first weekend I headed to MSU with my girls to coach. It was a super fun weekend! We went over on Friday night and stayed in a hotel and went to the Women's MSU gymnastics meet and cheered them on. It was really fun and reminded me of when my girls from highschool and I used to go to UofM on the weekends and watch the gymnastics teams. After the meet I sat poolside with some moms and watched all of our girls having a blast in the pool. The next day we got up early and headed to Jenison Fieldhouse for the competition. I was so proud of them as I always am but it was really cool to watch their excitement at competeing at Michigan State and the other awesome thing was they all got new pink leotards. I like seeing them wearing them all around the gym. Those pictures are definitely on the list of things I need to go through when my computer gets back. The weekend only slightly got ruined by being around all those kids too much by getting a bit of the flu for a few days. Been a very long time since I threw up that much.

I think the following weekend we didn't do much, Ben and I went to a movie and hung out together. Always like our weekends and quality time spent together.

Then there was Valentines Day, my parents and Grandma came up to see us for a few days and it was nice since they haven't been up and spent time together since Christmas.  I came home to pink roses from my husband and chocalates from my family.  They stayed until Saturday morning so Ben and I could celebrate our own Valentines day since we both worked all day on Thursday. So even though it was a blizzard outside we decided to head out on our own adventure. We drove to Holland and decided to visit a few gun and archery shops that Ben had been wanting to go too. Just looked around and spent time together and then ate an early dinner at the New Holland Brewing Company right downtown. We always love trying new places together and its another town and place to definitely go back to again.  We got back early and just hung out at home and watched a movie and played games and it was another wonderful day to spend together.
I feel like so much is going on with our lives during the week and sometimes weekends that when we do get to spend full days together, we create a lot of new memories and gives us moments to look forward to for the next day we get to do that again.  Like this weekend we are going to meet up with friends at Crystal Mountan and spend the day together. I will once again try my hand at skiing and hope it goes better then snowboarding. I desperately want to be good at one of them so I don't hold people back and everyone can enjoy themselves. I just want to be normal and stop falling down all the time!! Well hopefully I will have my computer back and get caught up so I can blog about that. And surely have a few pictures as well. I can't take so long in between blogs especially with so much information to share.