The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Friday, January 25, 2013


I need to blog! My life has been nothing but gymnastics for like 3 weeks though!  The first week back from break I had 4 meets in a week. Last week I had another 2 meets during the week and then on Saturday I had an invite and took some of my girls withe me to watch and get motivated! They are my little helpers running score sheets and flashing scores. Then on Sunday we had our own meet where I had 16 girls compete and they did so good! I think the best meet of the season I was so proud! So for two days in a row I did over 10 hours at Lowell and then I drove back there in the blizzard on Monday! Lots of driving and lots of snow! Finally we are getting snow I am so happy even though the roads are sucky. Ben and I definitely need to get out and on a hill or something before it all leaves again. Today I had a day to myself and I am missing my husband right about now, he has been putting in long hours this week since the roads have been so bad and even worse up north that all the driving has set them back. So I can't wait till he gets back home. Tomorrow I am once again back at a gymnastics meet. I can't complain though it is a short season. I will definitely have to write more about next weekend when we are competing at MSU!!  Just heard the garage door open so thats my cue to go!

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