The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's Christmas Time!!

People usually start getting into the Christmas spirit right after Thanksgiving, if not before. I felt I was late on that bandwagon this year. Don't know why, it seriously has been one of the craziest falls ever and so much photography work as long with full time coaching, I think I forgot to mention that the weekend before Thanksgiving we hosted a home gymnastics meet and I took "pictures" for the girls in their team leotards and so I have been working on all those order on top of all the Christmas orders. This coming week I will be in Spring Arbor for studio pictures for the Jackson Dance Company for A Nutcracker Christmas. So needless to say I have been spending any extra time on my computer editing and have fallen behind on everything else. Like wishing it wasn't Christmas yet so I could enjoy it longer and more and spend time getting decorations up and not miss it cuz before I know it, its gone. Well this weekend definitely put me in the mood. Today in fact. This morning Ben and I went and picked our tree. Oh wait, this morning Ben, the dog and I went to pick out our tree. Someone was waaayyyyy too excited about this adventure. Holy Cow. I'd swear we have a kid sometimes and not a dog. Anyways after that my mom and grandma arrived and for the first time ever I got tickets to go see the Singing Christmas Tree. Its Americas Largest and last year it was shown on TV for a Christmas special I think on TLC and this morning we made USA today! How cool is that? I love it when cool things happen in our town and it just makes me love living here even more. The tree was amazing and my mom and grandma both loved it and I am so glad we went. It was way cool. Once we got back home I went on a cleaning and Christmas decorating frenzy!! With some help of course but it is nice to have all the twinkling lights glowing in our home and the sound of thunder outside with everyone all nestled in bed. Its so cozy and loving. How can I not sit here and smile, feeling so blessed at all I have. Wonderful family, great friends, an absolutely amazing husband, the best dog anyone could ask for.... a house all lit up with lights. Tis the season I say, I am so looking forward to Christmas Break and enjoying myself. We are hosting Christmas this year so it makes it extra special knowing I am decorating for more then just Ben and I this year.
Well I am off to go cozy up in my bed while visions of sugarplums dance in my head. Hope everyone is feeling as Merry as I am so far this season. I hope it lasts all month!
Happy December! 

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