The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Friday, November 9, 2012


I love Halloween. Not only because its a fun holiday but because I get the night off of work! I love the Y, I love going in and being with my girls and my heart is filled working with them and sharing in their excitement. Just this week I had a teacher at the school saying how the girls were talking about gymnastics and their coach who helped them accomplish things. That just makes my heart swell knowing and hoping I am making a difference in their lives. So I love my job, but I can say I love having a week night off and being home with my husband too. 
I was hoping for a much needed day of rest with the bronchitis still in full swing I wanted to stay home, rest, edit pictures and just be home to do nothing. Well that went out the window, first thing I went to get tires on the truck which turned into like 2 hours of waiting. Then after some other errands and a huge grocery trip I ended up back at home with bags to be unloaded. Let me just say I went on a pinterest shopping trip. Ben came home to me in a whirlwind in the kitchen making like 5 meals to put in freezer bags for the crockpot. He ended up helping me while our actual dinner was finishing and I love those moments when we are together in the kitchen cooking. Its a love for both of us and I thoroughly enjoy those moments together. So far my cooking crock pot pinterest freezer bag deal came out pretty good. This week we have had 3 meals and I love just pulling a bag out of the freezer and not having to do any work. Its splendid and easy. Two of the meals I thought were pretty good, beef burritos I wasn't a fan. Probably won't be doing that one again, I think I will just stick to tacos and enchiladas. For Halloween dinner I made pulled pork sandwiches, homemade fries and then I made reeses peanut butter cup rice krispies, another pinterest recipe and since Ben's absolute favorite is reeses I thought it would be pretty good which it was. Definitely making those again.
We had quite a few trick or treaters and a fun night of handing out candy to the kiddos. A wonderful night home with my husband and we kept looking at the clock saying :it's so early... what do we do?" which is always good having time to spend together. 
Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

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