The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Weekend in Camo

The first weekend in November had to be the the first weekend or even a day of a weekend we had open in forever. What do we decide to do with our open weekend? Oh well, not like its surprising for a weekend in the fall but Ben wants to hunt. Which I am totally good with since we need the meat in the freezer. Did we get some in there you ask? Yup we did! We actually went down to Jackson all weekend and Ben hunted there. I have been wanting to hook him up with a guy from my church who is an avid hunter and taxidermist and they have met a few times and talked a lot about hunting. So we set it up that he could hunt with him one day and another day on some friends property. He was so excited all day Friday not being able to wait or stop thinking about Saturday morning. He said he saw a couple Saturday morning but nothing close enough but was beyond thrilled when he was shown the pictures of the deer that roam there. Definitely wants to make a trip back and I am glad he had a good time out with my friend. Saturday night and Sunday he went out and he ended up shooting  doe Saturday night at dusk. I got a phone call saying "Come quick, with flashlights" So out Dad and I went with our lights to hunt her down. He was so giddy and excited to just get one to put in the freezer and help us out by feeding us all winter. I've got such a Man :) But it makes me so happy seeing him with that look and big smile on his face. So the weekend was successful and fun, I know he really wanted to bring back a big buck from Jackson but a doe is better then nothing! And that just means if he got one the first time there wouldn't be more to look forward too, so hopefully another trip down will be just as fun.
As for me, I spent the weekend mostly resting, trying to catch up on this Bronchitis and give myself a break. I met up with some friends a few times to have a quick chat which is always nice and helped mom and dad out with some things around the house. I did feel much better after the weekend and I think its what we needed. Or both needed.
This weekend is very exciting for us. Ben has some important stuff going on and I'm siting here praying and wishing he is doing well and its going good. I can't reveal anything yet but hopefully soon we will know more. As for me I am about to get ready for another gymnastics meet with my girls! Having so much fun this year with all of them. I know today will be another great day for them!

P.S. - I forgot to say that everytime Ben snags a deer, Reggie seems to think it is HIS deer. He is either so proud of his dad that he is protective or he just thinks dad got it for him. Last year he sat in front of the buck and growled if anyone came close. This year wasn't growling but oh he was excited!  He at least sat good last year too, but he wouldn't take his eyes off the doe this year.

I didn't realize this before but the pictures were small, but you can click on them in any post and they will open up a lot bigger for better viewing!

Friday, November 9, 2012


I love Halloween. Not only because its a fun holiday but because I get the night off of work! I love the Y, I love going in and being with my girls and my heart is filled working with them and sharing in their excitement. Just this week I had a teacher at the school saying how the girls were talking about gymnastics and their coach who helped them accomplish things. That just makes my heart swell knowing and hoping I am making a difference in their lives. So I love my job, but I can say I love having a week night off and being home with my husband too. 
I was hoping for a much needed day of rest with the bronchitis still in full swing I wanted to stay home, rest, edit pictures and just be home to do nothing. Well that went out the window, first thing I went to get tires on the truck which turned into like 2 hours of waiting. Then after some other errands and a huge grocery trip I ended up back at home with bags to be unloaded. Let me just say I went on a pinterest shopping trip. Ben came home to me in a whirlwind in the kitchen making like 5 meals to put in freezer bags for the crockpot. He ended up helping me while our actual dinner was finishing and I love those moments when we are together in the kitchen cooking. Its a love for both of us and I thoroughly enjoy those moments together. So far my cooking crock pot pinterest freezer bag deal came out pretty good. This week we have had 3 meals and I love just pulling a bag out of the freezer and not having to do any work. Its splendid and easy. Two of the meals I thought were pretty good, beef burritos I wasn't a fan. Probably won't be doing that one again, I think I will just stick to tacos and enchiladas. For Halloween dinner I made pulled pork sandwiches, homemade fries and then I made reeses peanut butter cup rice krispies, another pinterest recipe and since Ben's absolute favorite is reeses I thought it would be pretty good which it was. Definitely making those again.
We had quite a few trick or treaters and a fun night of handing out candy to the kiddos. A wonderful night home with my husband and we kept looking at the clock saying :it's so early... what do we do?" which is always good having time to spend together. 
Hope everyone had a great Halloween!