The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Monday, October 8, 2012

October Weekend

This weekend has been crazy busy. I know its the first weekend in October and for me I feel like October will be gone before its here. My mom and Grandma came up this weekend to spend time and enjoy the fall colors. On Friday we took off and I drove them on a color tour, scenic route over to Grand Rapids, stopping at some orchards and then ending up for lunch in Rockford at Arnies (Grandmas favorite place). They hadn't been over to Rockford in a long time so they loved the shops and eating on the river and just walking around and seeing the dam and the colorful trees over the river. Then we went downtown to Art Prize and walking into some museums and around at the bigger venues and then I took them to one of the old churches to see one of my moms best friends and she had a showing in Art Prize. So we were there for awhile and then drove back to the sunset and met Ben for dinner at handsome Henrys and we split a pizza and soup.
On Saturday I had a wedding over in Grand Rapids for an old co worker of mine at Branns. Long time ago, but it was fun to see some old faces and the wedding was beautiful outside with the fall colors. Can't wait to go through the pictures!
On Sunday we met up with Ben's family and took the annual trip over to the orchard. Its a big farm with cider and doughnuts, pumpkin patch, cow train rides, animals and much more. It was really fun spending the day the kiddos and hanging out. I definitely took pictures of that but haven't had a chance to go through them yet so they will be added later!  By the end of the weekend I was definitely beyond exhausted! For once Ben is actually sick and I know I am coming down with it, so we were both a little tired and worn out. October is going to be crazy, every weekend is booked, its going to fly by and I am sure I will be sick for half of it since I won't get a chance to rest up! Oh well. I am actually looking forward to a not so busy November (except for gymnastics). Bring on the Holidays I say!! My house is all decorated and I love the fall.
Sunday morning I went on my first time deer hunt with Ben. I had only been out once before in the spring but that was for Turkey. Both times we haven't seen anything, maybe I am bad luck!! Hoping he gets a deer or two this season, He has been anxiously awaiting fall and cold weather.
Speaking of Ben for those of you who have been waiting for a word on Ben and the police academy, we are still waiting on more information on acceptance but basically have figured out he won't be in the fall academy. So just waiting to hear if he makes the next one. Keep praying!

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