The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Saturday, October 27, 2012

I told you..

Just like I said in my last post, October will be here and gone before I know it. It has. It was the busiest October for photography I have ever had. Every weekend was booked with shoots and then rescheduling of shoots because of rain. First off the weather? What was up with that this month, rainstorms,80 degrees and then back to 40's. It was crazy. Everything was crazy, hectic and busy. It caught up with me. Really caught up with me. It even caught up with Ben, since technically he was the one who got sick first. Then without question, of course I am going to get it. He rarely gets sick so that was a surprise and he had a cough for a few weeks, its still lingering around but me... 10 times worse! I finally went into the doctor after his insistence and lack of sleep every night and we both had had enough after about 2 weeks. So 3 antibiotics and a case of Bronchitis later, its still here. Still lingering around much longer then wanted. Maybe making a trip back to the doctor in a few days if still no sign of getting better.  Ben needs sleep, I need sleep. They say your supposed to rest, well don't give me medicine that keeps me up. No night sleeping, up coughing my guts out, waking my husband and no naps. Not tired enough to sleep but yet physically drained. Makes no sense. This is my first case of Bronchitis and at first I thought it was better then a cold since I didn't have to deal with the runny nose and sinus pressure but wait that has infested itself as well. So now its all of it. The saddest part is knowing its the start of basically my whole winter. Okay thats my sick complaint for the monthlol, back to photography jobs, 2 more weddings later and a bunch of senior shoots and even a baby reveal! I have had a lot of fun shoots this month for sure, I love shooting my seniors and I always en up having a few special ones every year I just wish could stay a senior forever and I could capture them every year in every season. Or wish I was 17 again and we could be best friends and hang out all the time.
As for this weekend though I did have a shoot yesterday and today but this weekends schedule is all about gymnastics. First meets of the season for coaching and I love my girls so much and love watching them accomplish their routines and motivating them to work harder for the next meet. Today I spent all morning and afternoon in Ludington and tomorrow I am over in GR all day. So not the best time to be hit with bronchitis but oh well. The world goes on even if I don't get any rest.
Ben has been out hunting every weekend. No luck so far. Hoping it turns around for him soon. I love how happy he gets every year when he finally gets a deer. Of course I also love having the freezer stocked for months to come and not having to worry about buying meat. Next weekend we are heading to Jackson so he can spend some time hunting down there and I am hoping it will be a very worth while trip for him and he comes back a very happy boy.
On another note about Ben, he is still in the process with the state police. It is a long process and we just keep praying and hoping all the decisions are right and it falls into place exactly how it is meant to be, I have a hard time planning what I want to happen and of course nothing goes as planned and I am learning to be patient and trusting and know that everything happens for a reason and not in our time but Gods time... and on that I will leave to go downstairs and eat dinner with my husband and enjoy spending the evening with him :)

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