The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Monday, August 27, 2012

Photos, Promotions and More...

This week has been absolutely insane with photo shoots.From Friday the 17th to Friday the 24th I have had 7 shoots. Yup everyday and thats not counting the week before that or the week I have coming up. It has been so busy with Seniors and last minute family's and other spur of the moment shoots. The week before that it had rained a few days so I had to reschedule a few shoots and so it just all stacked up into like two weeks. I am not complaining! Seniors are by far my favorite and mixed in with a few newborns I have really enjoyed shooting pics this summer! It has definitely got a little crazy in the past few weeks but I am not complaining. This is why I love photography and i love coming home from a senior or baby shoot and can't wait to look at the pictures and have to edit a few right then so I can stick them on facebook so everyone can see. I have been debating back and forth for awhile now on wether or not to blog about photo stories like I used to and since so much is done on facebook and clients really love that I have just been posting on there since it is quicker and much easier. But if I have time I will post more on here too. But for now here is the link ot my business page where all the photo activity has been going on... please "thumbs up" and like it for me, I need to get my name out in the Muskegon area and I love getting new likes and knowing that people are looking at my page, it makes it all worth while at the end of crazy days or weeks when someone stops me or lets me know how beautiful they think a picture turned out or how much they love seeing me post even if I don't know it. I really appreciate all the friends and family support.

On another note I got a promotion at work. I now have an official title of the Competitive Team Director for the gymnastics program. My other love besides photography would be gymnastics, whether it be judging for MHSAA or coaching my girls. I can't even think about leaving them now that I have been there for 3 years and have become attached so many. I love being able to share in their triumphs and take them to meets and just helping them grow. I look forward to starting a high school team and being there with the girls for many years to come. Sometimes in Ben and I troubles I think that I should leave and get a better job that pays more, but then I know it won't be as fulfilling and I wont be making impressions on my girls and helping them grow. Sure I hate working late and missing dinner with Ben some nights but I hope that I am making a difference and at the end of the day its worth it.

Okay last paragraph. Yesterday we had so much fun being able to spend time with Ben's niece and nephew and we are thankful they were able to come to the beach and spend time with us.  They had a blast riding with Ben on the sea-doo and hanging out while I sat on the beach blowing my nose. (seriously, again!) My non stop work days have caught up to me again and I am spending today catching up on pictures and resting. Well I haven't really rested yet. I did stalk Ben again today on his job. Thats a different story but sometimes I try and catch him on route at certain places and its fun being secretive since we can't talk to each other :)  Its fun to see him though. Anyways I got side tracked and here are some pictures from the kids at the beach yesterday and also a link to my photography page.

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