The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Monday, August 27, 2012

First time Campers

Okay so we really aren't first time campers. Ben and I both grew up camping with our families and I have no idea why it has taken us so long to actually go camping together! It's insane really, since we both love it. Well last weekend the opportunity presented itself when we went with some friends for the combined bachelor/bachelorette party. We almost didn't go and I am so glad we did, I think Ben is too. We both had long weeks but I hadn't booked those days knowing it was on the calendar and we needed to get away and do something together and spend some time with friends. So we woke up early Saturday morning and went on a camping shopping spree. Literally. We had nothing so we had to get a lot, but it ended up being perfect since it is the end of the season and we hit a lot of great clearances. Really we didn't buy everything just a few things like a tent, light and some chairs.We had really fun shopping and picking out things together and it was a fun morning. Once we packed up and headed out we got to the site and since we were running late we didn't unpack just changed and headed down to the river to go tubing. It was a tad bit cold but when we floated in the sun it wasn't bad, just glad we did the two hour trip instead of 4!  After that Ben and I got to set up our camp, it was really fun and like I mentioned before we didn't have a lot to do but just spending time together and knowing its an activity we will do for many years to come makes it exciting. We made dinner, well Ben did and then burned himself pretty bad on the grill but it was a wonderful dinner and just relaxing to sit around the campfire with friends and just chill out. Unfortunately I forgot to take like any pictures, I just took one on my phone. We have a few from my waterproof camera of us tubing on the river but I forgot to snap some of our setup. So heres what I got. I am so glad Ben and I finally got a chance to do this and we are already talking about the next time we should go camping! I can't wait!

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