The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What a Big Catch!

So the last two weekends in June we spent in Grayling with Ben's family. For the past two years we have been up there and last year we spent a lot of time on the river and caught fish but nothing big enough to keep. The first weekend we went up was the same story. Definitely was catching them but no keepers. Well the last weekend, last night out was a different story. We caught a lot! Everyone caught a few smaller ones but then we ended up with 4 keepers! I still haven't caught my own yet. But since we are fly fishing we don't get out as much and its a bit harder. I love it though, I got my own fly box this trip, my first one. Slowly I will start to build my own collection. While we were over there we also got to walk around downtown (which if you blink you'll miss it) but its really cute and we ate at some good places and I always love going to Hartwick Pines State Park and walking around. We went and visited Traverse City one afternoon as well, Ben and I always love visiting there and walking around the cute downtown.  Here are some pictures from our trip!

 To see more pictures take a look at my facebook album:

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