The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Monday, July 23, 2012

Rev it up!

This weekend was Muskegon Bike Time. The second year we have had the awesome experience of having a motorcycle and enjoying the fun. It's literally thousands and thousands and thousands (not exaggerating) of bikers that come from all over the country to enjoy a weekend here in Muskegon. Especially with the No Helmet law in effect this year they anticipated way more than last year, which happened for sure. Although Ben and I were talking and we definitely think last year was way better. The vendors had a better selection and there was more of them to start with, we were hoping to get some new saddlebags this year but couldn't find any. A little disappointed. Although it was still an awesome time. We went down Friday night just for a little bit and walked the strip but left right before 10 to go see Batman (which was awesome by the way) then on Saturday we went down for most of the evening. Once dusk hits and all the lights turn on, bikers turn their black lights on and the sky is painted colors it is definitely a sight to behold. Even if your not into that scene or think its all gritty and vulgar its really not. There were tons of families down there and it they have family activities going on, you have the carnival food and just walking around looking at all the custom bikes is really cool. Its art. Before we had a bike we still went down and walked around, just a really cool experience if your a local and knowing that over 10,000 people come into town just for this weekend, its worth checking out. I broke away from Ben and our friends for a little bit Saturday night and walked around as the light faded with my camera in hand. This may sound strange but it was eerily peaceful. The sky was beautiful, the smells were wonderful between the exhaust and the carnie food, sure there were people everywhere and engines were revving but I loved it, just walking up and down the street all alone taking in everything and looking around for a cool shot and just people observing. I met this adorable French couple when I was taking pictures of Her bike and she came up and flipped on the black lights and started talking to me about the custom paint and handlebar fringe and how her guy painted a quote on there in French and it was the first thing he ever said to her when they met. It was really cool. A great night out with my Husband for his birthday and spent long hours in the night just talking in a corner by the garden with friends and connecting more. It was a great day. Already looking forward to next year. Here are some pics I captured from this years show.

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