The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 4th

Yes I know its a week (or two) after the 4th, but I couldn't not write about it. This year we had some company my old cell leader and her daughter and they came up to visit us and some other friends.  Although the day got off to a really rough start, it ended up being pretty good. We met up with them on the beach and spend part of the afternoon down there.It was our first day spent at the beach and was much anticipated just being able to relax and enjoy the jetski and sunshine. Got to catch up with some Maranatha folk and other friends. After that we headed to Grand Haven for the best fireworks ever! Seriously they really are. This year we completely lucked out and were walking around just soaking in sweat from the heat and I hear "Hi Coach Suzie" so I turn and look and there is one of my little girls with her family and they offered us a seat, literally front row, right on the water. It was awesome, we haven't had that good of seats in a really long time. It was probably the coolest place as well since there was a slight breeze on the water. Now I always get worried sitting by kids, you never know if they are going love it or hate fireworks. It always seems to be one of the other and well they loved it. It was super cute to see their faces light up and glow when the fireworks started. The same goes for Ben :) The musical fountain is one of his favorite summer things and it was the first time we saw it this year. Of course fireworks make him light up like a boy on Christmas. Especially the loud ones, I could spend all night just watching Ben watch the fireworks. All in all it was a wonderful evening.
Then on Friday the 6th, Maranatha has their own show of fireworks and so we watched those with our families. Families brought glow sticks and so the beach was covered with glowing kids. After their show, Ben and Michael set off a few of their own down by the water. As always heres a picture montage of fireworks...

Ben swinging on the kids rope

 All the glow stick covered kids
 Ben and Michael setting off fireworks

 I was totally experimenting with these glow sticks and these pictures turned out awesome of our friends kids! 

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