The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Monday, July 23, 2012

Rev it up!

This weekend was Muskegon Bike Time. The second year we have had the awesome experience of having a motorcycle and enjoying the fun. It's literally thousands and thousands and thousands (not exaggerating) of bikers that come from all over the country to enjoy a weekend here in Muskegon. Especially with the No Helmet law in effect this year they anticipated way more than last year, which happened for sure. Although Ben and I were talking and we definitely think last year was way better. The vendors had a better selection and there was more of them to start with, we were hoping to get some new saddlebags this year but couldn't find any. A little disappointed. Although it was still an awesome time. We went down Friday night just for a little bit and walked the strip but left right before 10 to go see Batman (which was awesome by the way) then on Saturday we went down for most of the evening. Once dusk hits and all the lights turn on, bikers turn their black lights on and the sky is painted colors it is definitely a sight to behold. Even if your not into that scene or think its all gritty and vulgar its really not. There were tons of families down there and it they have family activities going on, you have the carnival food and just walking around looking at all the custom bikes is really cool. Its art. Before we had a bike we still went down and walked around, just a really cool experience if your a local and knowing that over 10,000 people come into town just for this weekend, its worth checking out. I broke away from Ben and our friends for a little bit Saturday night and walked around as the light faded with my camera in hand. This may sound strange but it was eerily peaceful. The sky was beautiful, the smells were wonderful between the exhaust and the carnie food, sure there were people everywhere and engines were revving but I loved it, just walking up and down the street all alone taking in everything and looking around for a cool shot and just people observing. I met this adorable French couple when I was taking pictures of Her bike and she came up and flipped on the black lights and started talking to me about the custom paint and handlebar fringe and how her guy painted a quote on there in French and it was the first thing he ever said to her when they met. It was really cool. A great night out with my Husband for his birthday and spent long hours in the night just talking in a corner by the garden with friends and connecting more. It was a great day. Already looking forward to next year. Here are some pics I captured from this years show.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

NIght on the water

So last night Ben and I were just sitting on the couch watching tv and eating dinner and our friend Steve called up and asked if we would take the jetski out so he could try out his new kneeboard. So out we went on the lake and Ben and him took a few turns each. Then it was just about sunset so we headed out for a ride on the big lake. It was like glass and so pretty! The lake has been crystal clear lately and so it was beautiful, the sun setting and the glistening water. It was just so relaxing and fun. In the channel on the way out and back in there were swarms of flying fish, literally. The boys said I was like a kid on Christmas, I couldn't stop yelling" look!, look over there. look at them jump. did you see that. are you looking. look. look"  It was really cool and I have never seen fish jump so much and so often like that! On the rivers we see the occasional jump but this was like a school of fish all jumping together it was crazy insane.
After we got out of the water we sat down and got some ice cream and then played some tennis. First time in a super long time but it was really fun and a really nice, free nice evening out with my husband. I just love days like that.

p.s. - I'm definitely sick again. Seriously. Its a never ending cycle. Ugh.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pink Minnows

The past two weekends on Sunday Ben and I have been out on the boat with friends and family fishing. Last Sunday ended up being a better night with a few small catches and then a joint effort of little Dylans miss on a big fish and Michael catching it. I believe it was a dogfish. This was also my first time out on a boat fishing with a pole, we always go fly fishing and so we have different rods and cast different and its not the same thing at all, other then the catching fish part. Two years ago for my birthday Ben bought me a pink fishing pole, well I finally got to put it to use! I know we seem to go fishing a lot but like I said pole fishing's different and I just use one of the family's fly rods when we go out so we just haven't gotten a chance to get out and use the normal poles.  This past Sunday we were so happy to have Ben's niece and nephew join us on the boat and playing some mini golf after. It's always fun getting to hang out with them and I wish we could do it more often. I know the boys, Ben, Michael and his Dad really enjoyed having them there with us. They don't get to take them out fishing much either so it was a real treat!  Hopefully we can get out and do it again before summers over, I think the kids enjoyed themselves and had a lot of fun.  The girls wanted pink minnow lures and two of us had pink poles so we brought the girly side to it between me and the two little ones! The other cool thing we saw was I think a red-tail hawk perched in a tree over the lake and it was screaming out. Pretty cool, I tried to get some good shots with the camera but they are so far away and I haven't had a chance to zoom in and edit them yet. But I do have some unedited fishing pics to share of course!

July 4th

Yes I know its a week (or two) after the 4th, but I couldn't not write about it. This year we had some company my old cell leader and her daughter and they came up to visit us and some other friends.  Although the day got off to a really rough start, it ended up being pretty good. We met up with them on the beach and spend part of the afternoon down there.It was our first day spent at the beach and was much anticipated just being able to relax and enjoy the jetski and sunshine. Got to catch up with some Maranatha folk and other friends. After that we headed to Grand Haven for the best fireworks ever! Seriously they really are. This year we completely lucked out and were walking around just soaking in sweat from the heat and I hear "Hi Coach Suzie" so I turn and look and there is one of my little girls with her family and they offered us a seat, literally front row, right on the water. It was awesome, we haven't had that good of seats in a really long time. It was probably the coolest place as well since there was a slight breeze on the water. Now I always get worried sitting by kids, you never know if they are going love it or hate fireworks. It always seems to be one of the other and well they loved it. It was super cute to see their faces light up and glow when the fireworks started. The same goes for Ben :) The musical fountain is one of his favorite summer things and it was the first time we saw it this year. Of course fireworks make him light up like a boy on Christmas. Especially the loud ones, I could spend all night just watching Ben watch the fireworks. All in all it was a wonderful evening.
Then on Friday the 6th, Maranatha has their own show of fireworks and so we watched those with our families. Families brought glow sticks and so the beach was covered with glowing kids. After their show, Ben and Michael set off a few of their own down by the water. As always heres a picture montage of fireworks...

Ben swinging on the kids rope

 All the glow stick covered kids
 Ben and Michael setting off fireworks

 I was totally experimenting with these glow sticks and these pictures turned out awesome of our friends kids! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What a Big Catch!

So the last two weekends in June we spent in Grayling with Ben's family. For the past two years we have been up there and last year we spent a lot of time on the river and caught fish but nothing big enough to keep. The first weekend we went up was the same story. Definitely was catching them but no keepers. Well the last weekend, last night out was a different story. We caught a lot! Everyone caught a few smaller ones but then we ended up with 4 keepers! I still haven't caught my own yet. But since we are fly fishing we don't get out as much and its a bit harder. I love it though, I got my own fly box this trip, my first one. Slowly I will start to build my own collection. While we were over there we also got to walk around downtown (which if you blink you'll miss it) but its really cute and we ate at some good places and I always love going to Hartwick Pines State Park and walking around. We went and visited Traverse City one afternoon as well, Ben and I always love visiting there and walking around the cute downtown.  Here are some pictures from our trip!

 To see more pictures take a look at my facebook album: