The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer already?

Wow I feel like my last few posts have been far in between and also the titles seem to be repetitive as far as playing catch up. I need to be better and hopefully with May behind us it will be easier to do just that. For those of you who have known me for the past few years May is CRAZY! To say the least, its full of dance, dance more dance and then some weddings thrown in. Remind me next year to not take on so many May weddings! Let's see the second to last weekend in April I did the Studio 55 dance studio pictures and had 3 weeks to get those sorted, edited, ordered and packaged before the Academy of the Arts dance studio pics were taken the second week in May. Now I am down in Jackson for 4 days of shooting dance pics for about 5 hours everyday. So since then I have been busy sorting, editing, ordering and just finished packaging all those kids.  Then this up coming weekend is recital weekend and there are 4 shows total so I am down in Jackson handing out pictures during the shows and taking pics of the performances. So once this weekend is over I can usually take a deep breath and relax a little.  
 Here is a link to see all the dance pictures from this year:

Also this month I had two weddings I shot one in Muskegon and one in Ludington and then we also attended two weddings and had rehearsals and bachelor/bachelorette parties on top of it. So basically our weekends were jam packed. It was nice being able to spend time with friends but also in the back of my head I am always thinking about the pictures and making sure I get things done to be less stressed.  Since Ben's new job and change of schedule he is on first shift but doesn't usually get home till about 7 on average and since I work nights at the Y and don't usually get home till 8 or 9 then its a little crazy finding time to spend together during the week since he goes to bed shortly after I am home. This past month though I am taking that hour or two after work and time spent with him has been editing and more computer work, so its been different not basically seeing each other till weekends (which are busy).  I know that kind of schedule can be normal for a lot of couples or when I have explained it they say "Oh thats us all the time, its no big deal, you don't need to see each other that often" well for us it is a big deal and very important to us to spend time together every day. I miss my husband when I don't see him and it is very hard only spending sometimes an hour together a day. Thats not normal for us nor would I ever want it to be, its important to spend time together for me.  Ben and I are both so looking forward to summer nights when I switch to work during the mornings and not evenings so that when he gets home from work we have more time to spend together and cook together and eat and walk and many other things. Sure some days it may not be that much of extra time but I know we will cherish it and can't wait for next week! I miss making a meal and having it ready when my husband comes home. Of course we spend most of the summer grilling out but its just being there at night when he comes home is so much better. 

So I am not sure when I actually started this post but I am continuing it now oh about 3 weeks later. I started it and had to run to work so I just saved the draft and here I am again much much later.  Anyways I have a few posts to update and I know I wanted to add some photos to the posts so here is the finishing part of this post. I think I was waiting to add that we had a momentous event last month or I should say the end of April but Ben graduated!! He is so happy to be done and over with school and have a grown up job as he says it. He did start this new job a few months ago but he had to finish up the one class but now it is official with the diploma and all. So another stepping stone in our lives has happened.  Of course those loans will start to kick in now but I guess thats pretty normal and I have to learn to accept that. Although we are both the kind of people who don't like having debt or making payments on anything other than a house or rent and bills. So we are going to have to learn to adjust to new budgets and being even more "Adult" like because well its a part of life. So here we go! 

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