The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oh Deer!

So lately the deer have been around like crazy. Which is really nice. I spotted two deer a few months ago in the field across from our house and I ran and got my camera and snapped a few pics. I posted those on facebook. I showed Ben and he said those are bucks, see their spike antlers? And I didn't even notice that they were bucks till we were home looking at the pictures. Now periodically I see them around and have grabbed my camera. The other day I went out on the deck and saw a flicker in the field, I had a gut instinct that it was them so I ran out there and there was 3 this time and I followed them around for like half an hour. I got some great pics again and seeing as it was late afternoon my lighting was pretty good in the woods.  On Fathers day, Ben and I came home from meeting my parents and we caught two different bucks red handed, in our lawn eating all my flowers! Seriously right up by our window! I had my camera with me then and jumped out and snapped a few before they took off. This was evening but it was still pretty light out. But once we looked at the pictures sure enough you could tell it was two different bucks then the young ones we normally see around. So we are excited over here to be keeping our eye on a few different herds of bucks. It definitely makes Ben antsy for hunting season already. Here are some pics I took of the young bucks we see a lot and also the older ones eating our flowers :)

 I Love this one of him eating

 Think its funny with his mouth open

 Love this stance!
 Even though its not a face shot I love the eating on the branch and long curve of the neck.

 I think he was itching his nose
 I didn't edit this one but do you see them up by our flowers? 

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