The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Catch Up

So the last few weeks haven't been much exciting we spend Easter with both our families and kept it simple and small.  This past week my computer hard drive crashed and being a MAC i only have a few options as far as sending it out or driving into Grand Rapids to the apple store, both which would of been ridiculous expensive and who knows how long it would take. So I found a local shop which services only MACs and so far so good. I am going to lose some data and of course I do backup a lot, but of course not everything and there is definitely some things off my computer that I do want and don't want to lose. Plus its the security of it, I am comfortable with everything and got the layout and things where I want them. Now I have to rebuild everything and go to the store and buy new photoshop and microsoft and other programs I needed. So on top of the computer expense there is the new software expenses. Which were needed but who wants to spend that much money at once. I had been putting it off. All the programs I had were from 2004. Which yes isn't that long ago, but most clients have been sending my stuff for the past few years and I have to email them to Ben and have him open them up on his computer (he has newer software) and have him convert them and email them back. So it was needed just hard to do all at once.  Of course it couldn't have come at a worse time either, this past weekend I had a big dance studio of 30+ classes which I made Ben come and be my assistant. I think it was quite a traumatizing experience yet in two weeks I have the Academy Studio which instead of one day I do that for four days straight. So this was a smaller scale.  On Sunday I also had engagement pictures, so definitely a busy weekend and I am now behind in uploading pictures and starting to sort and edit without a computer but at least it wasn't worse or I had to buy a whole new computer and start from nothing or lost ALL my photos or my camera broke.  I only have two weeks to sort, edit, order and package this studio so everyday is needed.
On Friday I also had a flat tire, luckily I was at home and my brother in law and father in law came and helped.  But it proceeded to add to the running list of things that have gone wrong this week. Not only did we have a minor accident and need to get the car in the shop and taken care of, both vehicles need new tires and windshields. So it seems like things go great with us for awhile and then when it rains it pours. But I'd rather have it all come in spurts I guess then constantly. Just more things we will get through and I know after these two weeks it will be better and I will accomplish my deadline then the next one will start and for 3 weeks I will be working on the Academy Dance Pictures. May is always extremely crazy and I will get through it and then take a break! Just keep looking ahead... and I wouldn't make it without my amazing, supportive husband standing beside me.

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