The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patty's Day

So last night I finally updated about the many changes in our life and I meant to blog again last night about the holiday but I went to bed early. So here it is.
I woke up early to head to Hudsonville to coach my Y girls and I tried to make it extra special and I bought some clover stamps and put them on their cheeks and tied green and gold ribbon in their hair. I think it started off the day settling some nerves. I had some girls doing new routines and every meet day is nerve wracking. So that was a fun morning! Here they are with their trophy and medals! Can you see their ribbons and clovers?

After that Ben and I went up to the woods to test out his new pistol. On Friday we had drove over to Lansing to get it so he was anxious to get to the woods. Man was it hot, even in shorts and a t shirt we were all sweating! Then we headed to his parents where his mom made a corn beef and cabbage dinner for the occasion and then came back and went to bed early. Nothing too special, Ben had to head into work early this morning and since I wasn't feeling well we didn't have any plans. I did realize in the woods today that 3 years ago on St. Patricks Day was the first day I met Ben's brother Michael and lots of his other friends. Good memories!

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