The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Saturday, March 17, 2012

70 degrees and 70 days behind

So I see my last post was dated Decemeber 31st. Wow apparently I am way behind seeing on how it is the middle of March. It really has flown by super fast. So so so much has happened and we have been extremely busy. For most of Janurary I didn't really have much to talk about. So maybe I'll just bullet style this update.

- Ben finished his last full semester of classes in Decemeber. So starting in Janurary he is now down to one final class. Just one. A night class on Tuesday. We are both so excited for him to be done in May!! Whooo!!

- He got hired for a part time - full time job with a security company working at Mercy Hospital. It was only the second application he filled out so we were really ecstatic that he got a job so quickly. The downside being he got hired on Janurary 16th and his first day wasn't until February 1st. So he had a little bit of downtime there where he could rest and adjust to his new class. It was also really fun for me since I woek in the evenings that Ben has become quite the cook since he had a lot of time to cook some meals for me. We have been into a lot of cooking shows lately and I love that he is so into his spices and herbs and expeiermenting with the flavors. I can say I definitely don't mind!!

- So he started working this job and wasn't too happy once he realized that he was literally sitting at a desk for 5 hours and not being able to do anything but sit. Ben loves being active and working with his hands and being busy so that was really hard. Also he felt a future lay off coming and didn't want to get to that point so he kept applying for other jobs.

- Ben gets a new job!!! Right away!!! We are so blessed that he has had such luck with finding jobs right away, I know that doesn't happen a lot these days with this economy. He got hired for a new job with better pay and benefits about 3 weeks after he had started at the hospital. And he has been there for about a month now and is exteremely happy. Although he is commuting to the west side of Grand Rapids so he has been driving the truck a lot to save on money and I have been driving the truck. Takes a little getting used to. I am not going to post his job or company here on the public internet but it is somewhat of a private security job. If you are close to us and want to know more details you can ask us :) He is mainly working Monday thru Friday which is also super nice. Not great that he leaves at 7 am and gets home after I leave for work so we usually don't see eachother till 8 or 9 at night. Then Ben goes to bed about 10. Sadly. I know that may be normal for a lot of people and so its not a big deal but for us we usually spend a lot of our days together and really try to make time to do little things throughout the day together so to not have that anymore is an adjustment to only spend like an hour a day together. But reagardless we are excited with the new oppurtunities and that he is happy at his job is really important. We are looking forward to summer when I don't work nights and we will have our evenings and weekends together!

- Its been a busy season of Gymnastics for me. Between coaching at the Y everyday and then our meets we travel to on weekends. Plus judging for MHSAA high school gymnastics during the week and invitationals on the weekend. We finished high school season last weekend with states. I judged all three sessions at states. Division 1 & 2 and then teams. It was really fun and a great way to end the season. Now back to finishing up this spring with my Y girls.

- After the 3 weeks in December that knocked me out with strep throat and a sinus infection I had another one again in February ( i think) they have been happening so much I can't keep track anymore. Geez. Hopefully I am done with that till next fall. But I am sure it will be a summer one as well.

I think that about sums up the past few months. Don't think anything else exciting has happened just the job switches and lots of gymnastics! Hopefully I will keep up more now that things are a bit more settled.

Here's a link on facebook to some pictures from our winter months:!/media/set/?set=a.580965599903.2053121.178200760&type=3

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