The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This last weekend was a complete BLAST!! It was awesome. My mom and Grandma came up Friday and I went and met them in Grand Rapids to do some pre- Christmas shopping and I actually got a few things for a good head start. I am trying to buy early so I am not stuck with last minute overload on spending too much money and then get burned out and out of cash. So it was fun having them up and they set up my village and is so cute and I much a time saver for me. I know it may be a little early but I never got it up last year and between my family and Ben's mom we have some pretty nice pieces and I definitely wanted it displayed this year. Right now it is fall themed and soon I will add all the snow!
On Sunday Ben and I took Chase to Cedar Point for Halloweekends and it was awesome! We just did it in a day and it wasn't too bad. We left at 7:45 a.m. and got back about 1 a.m.. I loved being there for Halloweekends, I hadn't been to Cedar Point in like 5 years at least and Ben hadn't been there for a few years either and it was Chase's first time ever and so it was fun to experience it with him and also never being there with Ben before! I loved riding all the big coasters with Ben. The Halloween decorations were so cool and we got a few haunted houses in too. I am definitely thinking the next time to go in the fall again during this time and not in Summer. The longest we waited in line was just about an hour and some rides were only about 10 minutes so that was really nice. I would want to go next time and stay over night and go two days. We definitely didn't get to do everything and I wanted to do more of the Halloween stuff. But still I feel we got a lot accomplished and it was totally worth it!
Last night was our first time being home and together for Halloween and so I had an awesome time getting trick or treaters, I was so worried I bough a lot of candy for nothing and wouldn't get any, but we did! We even dressed Reggie up in his turtle costume :) Then Ben and I went out to dinner and spent the rest of the night playing pool and video games just spending time together and then we finished off the night with a scary movie!
A wonderful weekend together! I wish it was Friday again however...

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