The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Weddings, Deer and Pumpkins!

I know a crazy combination of a title for sure but that was truly what this weekend was. Ben and I traveled home on Friday night and had a wonderful evening spent with my family. Sure I was stuffing three senior albums and had a few errands to run but at least I could sit (not a computer) and talk to people.
Ben went out hunting on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday morning he saw a big 7 point and was super excited but not a good enough shot. I was busy working my dear friend Shanna's wedding and was so excited to spend the day with her and be there on this very special occasion. The family has always been close to ours and they have been through more trials then anyone should endure and it was a bittersweet day for sure. Many tears would shed and this week as I have been going back through the pictures many more were cried just reliving the moments and seeing how beautiful and radiant she was. On Sunday Ben went out again and this time I got a call in the morning to come help him search for the deer. But over 3 hours later and following endless blood trails through dense shrubbery, muddy creeks, waist tall grass/swamp lands and even bringing Reggie out to help track the blood, we had no luck. It was extremely hard seeing Ben so turned up and upset because obviously a deer is suffering and at this point it should of survived since there was no luck finding it in a large area but still I know he desparately wanted to put meat in the freezer for us but beyond that his despair of a suffering deer was almost unbearable. I know it happens a lot and everyone will have it happen at least if not a few times but still I know every time will be very difficult on him. Which makes me love him even more because he has such a compassionate, caring heart and those are just a few of the many qualities of why I fell in love with him.
Sunday morning I had another shoot with a family and newborn I do quite often and I love every time we shoot together. After that Ben and I continued onto Grand Rapids where we met his entire family at our favorite orchard. It brought back so many memories for me because this time last year we were there shooting our wedding photos! Ahh I was just walking around re living it and it made me even happier :) This has been the most wonderful year and I fall more in love with Ben every day. We all had a fun time picking apples, cider and donuts, watching the kids play and of course riding the way too small for us cow train. Always a great time!
So far this week has been just as busy as last! It is definitely starting to take a toll on me and Ben and I are both extremely stressed out lately. We have a lot going on personally and work and school and its just wearing us out. I am looking forward to a few fun things we have coming up and just a chance to get away from all that stuff and take a break and enjoy each other even if it is just for a few hours. It is nothing between us, we are very good, just outside stuff, part of it wishing we could spend more time together.
Well for now thats it. I am definitely going to be posting more pics to facebook soon for photography work, but for now here is a few trips from this weekend.

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