The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Photos, photos, photos= no sleep

This has definitely been a crazy busy photography week for sure! Monday I had a senior picture and I have been steadily editing senior pics and engagement photos all week, plus my wedding bookings for next year are scheduling fast. This weekend was a blur, I am pretty sure I was sleeping while awake through most of it. Thursday night I got out of work around 8:30 and arrived at home and ate dinner with Ben and was really stressed out on all the things I had to do that evening. It was a long night and I have been backed up on work and there were a few things I really needed to finish before this weekend so I wanted to get those done and I still needed to pack and load up all my equipment. I didn’t end up making it to bed till close to 2am and it wasn’t till well after when I finally fell asleep. So it was a tough time waking up at 6 to get ready to leave as I had to be in Spring Arbor before 10. I planned to leave a little earlier too (luckily I did) knowing I would hit Grand Rapids and Lansing between 8 and 9 rush hour plus construction. Friday I had a wedding in Jackson and then Saturday I had two senior picture boy shoots. Very fun and not as hard as the usual boys. We did farm and hunting shots, which of course I love doing! So excited to share some of those pictures but before I do I have a few projects that I am making myself finish first. So now onto Sunday, I had two family shoots today. Both friends that I know since I family pictures are not my thing and I don’t usually book them but I make the few exceptions. Todays shoots both went well with young boys and I will try to shares some of those this week as well. I am beyond tired and not looking forward to this week but I hope to make some progress on my editing and catch up work and hopefully some sleep as well. We have another busy weekend ahead and this time Ben will come back to Jackson with me and join me at the wedding as well squeeze in some hunting time in Jackson. So far no deer, but we are hoping it will be soon!!

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