The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oh Deer!

This weekend on Saturday while I was at my meet, I had extremely good news from Ben... he got a deer! Not just a deer but the biggest he has ever shot! I am so proud of him especially since last weekend was so hard on him and he got back up and went out and redeemed himself and now I can definitely tell he is a little less stressed and more happy. I am so glad we will finally have some meat back in the freezer! It was a 5 point buck and his dad was with him and that made it extra special for Ben. It was really funny when I brought Reggie over with me to see it and him at his parents and Reggie quickly thought the deer was his and only his. He smelled it from head to toe then sat down next to it and wouldn't move. He even growled when Belle got too close and we literally had to drag him away. He would just sit there and look at the buck and stick his nose in the air daring anyone to come near him. He now believes he is an excellent tracker and every walk through the woods is his mission to find deer now haha. It was really really funny. Here are a few pics of my happy boys!

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