The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Octobrrrr is here!

I thought I was doing good about posting this month then I realized that it is October 1st now and that my last post was on the 19th. oops! I feel like the past two weeks have flown by and it has been crazy busy with catching up on Senior Pics and a few weddings and lots of orders coming in. So I have been constantly working on pictures. LAst weekend I had an engagement picture on Friday then a friends wedding on Saturday. Which was amazing, she is so creative and every detail was vintage and unique. Loved it! There was even a beautiful double rainbow!
This weekend my Grandma and Parents came up for probably their last weekend to stay at the trailer before it closes up and last night we made a bunch of snacks and baked cookies and then we sat down and played some cards and it was really fun. Its nice to have people over in our house and have the fall decorations up and do some things. with Ben working on the weekends its hard having people to hang out with. Then tonight my parents friends came over as well and we had another night of the same thing. They brought their own snacks which was snicker doodles and monkey bread which were both super good. So it was really fun weekend.
Today was also opening day. For those of you who don't really know what that means (which would of been me before I met Ben) today is the first day you are officially allowed to hunt deer but only with a bow and arrow. Which Ben hunts with both bow and gun but until November 15th you can only use bow which he likes better anyways. We are both anxious for him to get a deer, I am beyond ready to stop eating slimy, greasy ground beef from the store and pay money for it. I did not like venison the times I have had it before this year. We had Ben's deer from last year ground up and also cut into steaks and it lasted us from November to April and it was way better. I can't really tell a difference in flavor a lot but as far as grease it is way healthier for you, half the time there is no grease to pour off. Plus the extra bonus of not having to buy any steaks, or ground beef for months. So I told Ben I expected two deer this year! I hope to sometime make it out with him this season, I am really looking forward to my first experience.
Tomorrow (Sunday) is our 1 year anniversary! Can't believe its been a year already, time flies and yet in some ways it feels like years and normal and easy for us. Definitely not a hard year or a big adjustment like people tell you. We truly blend together and compliment each other perfectly, but I do not want to talk about that right now, that will be a post all in itself! Have to wait to tell you about our day tomorrow and the memories we shared and the love that's grown.

Card nights with snacks

How do I choose a card when they all say good things about my husband?

Reggie is loving the car rides on these fall days!
(disregard the horrible picture quality!)

Lots of rainbows this fall. Beautiful!

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