The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

1 year Married!

Here it is. Our 1 year anniversary, in some ways I can't believe that I am here. The girl who never wanted to get married. Who was content not having a guy around. On the hand it feels like its been years (in a good way) that Ben and I just naturally fit together and we don't have to work very hard at this marriage thing. I'm not just saying that either, I know a lot of friends or couples who say its challenging and they have to work at it everyday. Sure we have our disagreements and arguments but they rarely last long at all and I feel we talk through them and then just let things go. For me marriage is pretty easy, but having a guy like my husband by my side makes it that much easier. I couldn't be happier. I know things aren't the greatest for us right now with the unknown future ahead, but at least I know it will get better. Fingers crossed. My husband is wonderful and in the past year I have grown in love with him so much more and I know he feels the same. Our marriage is full of laughter and smiles. Just yesterday I was laughing so hard I couldn't stop at the silliest things. Its good. Without it, it wouldn't be the same. He is caring and sincere, honest and truthful. So many qualities I can't begin to describe. Honestly he is the man of my dreams. We have a wonderful, amazing life together.
Yesterday we went up to Traverse City for our anniversary and it was a beautiful day, warm and sunny and we walked around without a coat and it felt fabulous! We started out driving up through the Lelanau (spelling?) Peninsula and into Leland also known as FishTown. Its a quaint fishing village and we ate in a nice restaurant "The Cove" overlooking the river dam. We had an awesome river window view and we sat there watching the Salmon jump up the dam, trying to get up river for the winter. Ben loves doing that and it is quite entertaining. We even spied some river otters sneaking across the deck! Ben had the perch fish and chips and I had the whitefish, fish and chips. They both were delicious! After walking around for a bit we drove back into Traverse City to hit up some shops before the early Sunday closing times. We walked around there for a while and stopped on the river bridge and watched the fisherman and all the salmon and steelhead in the river. They were stacked up and it was quite entertaining for awhile. We then took a walk along the marina and old zoo, it was just so nice out and it was just a pleasure to just walk and look around. For dinner we went to our favorite restaurant there which is North Peak! SOOOO good! Not once have we ever been there and not liked anything! We had a wonderful dinner we split a bunch of stuff and ordered a hearth stone chicken pesto pizza, calamari and traverse city cherry glazed BBQ wings. Plus Apple Crumb pie for dessert :) So yummy! We even ran into a friend of mine and her husband so we chatted for awhile, she lives in Lansing so it was nice to see her!
All in all a wonderful day and I look forward to another amazing year with my husband!

We love stopping at this roadside pull of. The view is Magnificent!

Same spot as our honeymoon pic!

Ben watching the fish jump from our Restaurant view!

The view from the Cove


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