The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Photo Whirlwind

So I meant to write this before this weekend since I am referencing my crazy weekend of photography last week. So lets begin with Friday I left at about 9 a.m. here in Muskegon and drove straight to Rives Junction (in between Lansing and Jackson) I had a newborn shoot there. Which if any of you have had newborns or done newborn photography you know it takes a few hours. Babies cry, are fussy need to eat, diaper changes, etc. So I was there for a little while but honestly the shoot was one of the best ever! Little Max didn't cry, didn't poop on anything and we got all that needed to be done. Awesome. So from there I went into downtown Jackson and had a Senior boy shoot. That went really well and he had the cutest crooked smile and was really photogenic. That finished at about 6:30 p.m. and then I went to hang out with my friend Breanna. Since we don't get to see each other that often whenever I am in town I will try to stop by. So it was a wonderful time catching up with her.
Now onto Saturday, I started at 11 a.m. at a bridesmaids house shooting them and the bride getting hair and makeup done. Then the wedding and pictures and continuing on to the reception till I left at about 10:30 p.m. So another super long day on Saturday. Loved the wedding though, the reception was full of dancers and I think I took more reception photos than I ever have before! Great time. For once I didn't have to get in the car and drive back to Muskegon either, I once again stayed at my parents. Ben and Reggie drove down for a few hours, Ben hauled some stuff for my parents and helped my dad fix his TV and then he came and helped me at the ceremony, which I felt super bad about because he had an ear infection and sinus infection and had just started his antibiotics so that hadn't completely kicked in yet and he was miserable. Once he drove back he had to go straight to work till 3 am. Poor guy. It just made me miss him that much more.
Sunday, lets see I started at 10:30 a.m. in Grass Lake (about 30min from SA) and had another Lumen Senior. I had Jake's sister years ago and loved her so I was really glad they asked me again. It was fun shooting in a few new locations and discovering different spots in small towns with character. Immediately following that I had the lovely Miss Haley Glinz. Whom I have known her Mom (my cell group leader) since they first moved here when Haley was a baby and her younger sister wasn't even born yet. So growing up throughout middle and high school I watched Haley grow up too. It makes me feel old shooting seniors who I used to babysit and knew since they were little! Haley is another dancer which we all know I love shooting dancers so it was a wonderful time again! After that and with random downpours in between (God had wonderful timing with the rain, whenever we drove it rained and whenever we stopped the rain stopped) I went on to shoot my 3rd senior of the day. Which I had already done the main shoot this was just a few more Jackson spots. So that didn't last too long but I discovered a new spot with her too. Love doing that!
After that super long weekend I had the long drive home but was so thankful to get there and finally spend some time with Ben. Crazy weekend for sure!

Senior Jake Swart

Senior Haley Glinz

Senior Richard Goldfarb

Wedding J0n and Stacy

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