The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Monday, August 29, 2011

Where did summer go?

Wow I can't believe how much I have been totally slacking this summer! The thing is I have more time than I normally do because I didn't book as many weddings this summer. Which has been truly wonderful. I can't remember the last summer where I got to enjoy it as much as I have this year. Nothing much has really changed since the last post, we have just been hanging out at the beach and spending time when we can with each other. Trying to get a date in here and there and time with our families as well. Ben started school this morning. It is bittersweet for sure, we are both so excited that it is the last semester and he will be graduating in December. But there is the constant fear of a job looming in the future and hoping and having faith that everything will work out the way it is supposed to.
I don't remember if I mentioned that I surprised Ben with a small airplane ride over the lake. It was so exciting! Ben rode co-pilot so her got to sit up front and take in all the switches and gauges and be right in the action. It was awesome and so much fun, we went over our house and Maranatha and downtown.
This past week we finally did the zipline at Maranatha. It was my first time ever which is crazy since we have had it for how many years and its free and I have never taken advantage of it. Same with the climbing wall. We will definitely do it more next summer. I was totally scared, its a long climb up and once you stand on the platform and are looking down its quite scary. Especially making the jump... after that though it was awesome! The adrenaline gets you going and it was really fun. Just scary at first!
Let's see what other news there is... We sold the jeep and Ben got a new truck, which we both really love. It is so nice and sharp and clean looking and has a unique look to it. I love it a lot and drove it a little bit already, I know I will drive it a little more in the winter when the ice and snow are out and I will use it for the 4 wheel.
Well I will just sign off with a few pictures. Not sure what else to share... and I vow to post more regularly now. My life has been crazy with seniors these past few weeks and I have loved doing every single one! Check facebook for pictures on those :)

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