The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Friday, July 1, 2011

Fishin in Grayling

So for almost a week, Ben, Reggie and I went to Grayling with Ben's parents to relax and well mostly fish. It was a wonderful time and relaxing and we did do a lot of fishing for sure. Every night we were there we went out hoping for the hatch. Sadly because of the weather it didn't happen when we were there but it still was a good time. During the day we would take the dogs to the state park or for stops along the river and we would also visit the downtown which was very small but had a few good shops and a tasty little old fashioned coca cola 50's diner which I loved. It would of been nice if the town was a little bigger and there was more to do or look at but the plus side of that being if it was a bigger town like traverse city or mackinaw or somewhere like that then I wouldn't want to go fishing every night because I would also of wanted to do different things. So it was a pro and a con you could say. Well there wasn't much we did besides those few things, so I will just leave you with a few of the hundreds of pictures I took! I ended up shooting a lot of nature pics which is something I really like doing and hopefully one day in my dreams I can have my own studio/gallery where they will hang... oh dreams. Even if that doesn't happen I still just love taking pictures, so here is a sample and for more you can check out the huge gallery I posted on facebook here...

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