The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Long overdue

So besides being back from the trip and being sick, not much else has been going on. This past week I tried to cook something everyday and Ben and I are really starting to try and eat healthier and wanting to eat before I get home from work at 9 every night. Which is really hard and annoying too that we have to try and eat dinner in the afternoon before I go in. But its something that needs to be done. This week we did lemon pepper tilapia and rice, grilled steaks, venison enchiladas, broccoli corn cheese and potato soup, and we also have been making wraps or sandwiches for lunch everyday. I know everyone freaks out when they hear that we literally eat venison for everything. But let me just say this, Ben got a deer in the fall and we are STILL eating the meat!! 5-6 months later. First off lets just think about how much money we are saving on buying ground beef or sirloin. Second I am one of those people that hated venison, I had tried it before and not only did it smell horribly but it tasted the same. This is different. When you get it processed and ground up and then also we have had a ton of steaks too. Honestly I can't tell the difference and it is way healthier for you. I can't even tell you how big of a difference in just the grease alone coming off is compared to ground beef. There is barely any. Also its just way less fattening. We have used it in almost everything. Steaks, tacos, enchiladas, chili, spaghetti, pasta, etc. Lots of things and is awesome not having to buy meat every week. We do still buy chicken and fish to mix it up, but we must of saved a lot of money. Its been awesome, I hope next year He gets two!!
On the health front, I finally went to the dentist because I have had a toothache for about two weeks and it hasn't gone a way. So nothing was wrong, my teeth are great, but we took xrays and he should me wear there is a huge mucus blockage from my sinuses and it is sitting on top of my back teeth. Literally I could see the ball in the xrays. No Suprise there, me having sinus issues? No wonder I keep getting sick, apparently its not getting rid off. So I went back on another antibiotic and hopefully it will make a difference. Except I only have one day left and its still there so who knows if I will have to stay on it longer. Now to my shoulder, which I have started physical therapy this week and its starting to hurt a lot, like today its just killing. It gets really sore after my exercises but I am so sick of it hindering certain things! Ugh!
So today it is pouring rain and thunder storming as I am typing. I love it. I love rainstorms and I just woke up from a nap on the couch with Ben. It is one of my favorite things to take naps with the rain. I can't wait till its warm enough to open the windows!! Hopefully this means it will get warmer soon. I am so looking forward to summer and to skip ahead to the beginning of July where I can have some time off and relax. The next few weeks are really busy as May and June are also my busiest months of the year. So I will be having lots to write about!
Now off to edit some YMCA gymnastics pics!

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