The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Blessings

So yesterday was a long day, Ben and I spent the day shooting a wedding on the other side of the state. We didn't get back home till about 1 in the morning. The ride back home was so long and tiring but we also had some good talks out of it. Its always different being at weddings now and interacting with some friends that are married and seeing the weddings and just the different perspectives on marriage you get from different people. We truly feel that we are so lucky and that marriage does not seem to be very hard at us and we are proud of the way we handle our relationship and how we make it work and mesh so well with each other.
It was hard for us to get up for the Easter service with as exhausted as we were, but I am glad we did. After all it is Easter. We had the pleasure of hosting Easter this year for both our families. It is a blessing to have both of our families together including our grandparents all in our new home to celebrate any occasion. It was quite a houseful and lots of food and no kitchen space to spare but we managed and it was a really good time. I know that it truly meant a lot to us to have them together and we appreciate the effort put in on both sides. We are lucky to not only have our families close but that they are willing to spend time together. I know that is not the case for everyone.
After all our family time we ended the evening with a walk with the dog and a few holes of golf on our wonderful backyard course. Its so fun and convenient to have a golf course in the backyard! It was the first time I have played since we moved in and it was fun. I look forward to spending some time out there with Ben this summer and a great way to end our evenings.
OH yes I did forget the best story of the day haha. Grandma and I thought it would be cute to make sugar cookies adn cut out little ducks for Easter (yeah not bunnies I didn't have that cookie cutter but ducks are springtime!) Well it didn't end up very well because we bought the store sugar cookies and not from scratch. So we tried to roll out the store dough and mesh it together and the ducks turned out great! Even added some food coloring but well when they cooked they all just blobbed together and the ducks were no more then one giant mishapen cookie!! It was quite interesting haha. Here are a few pics to share.

This was the group plus Elizabeth and the kids
at the table continuing behind Ben

Our ducks.... Before cooking

Ducks.... After cooking... Haha

Yummy Food!

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