The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Covered Bridges & Waterfalls

So I realize it has been far too long since I updated! I forgot after Florida to post again. With reason as I was once again SO SICK!! Apparently with me it is never ending. It seems as soon as I get better maybe for like a week or two, then it hits me all over again. So yes for all those who are jealous that I went to Florida (for literally not even two days) I pretty much stayed on the couch blowing my nose constantly. We did manage to make it out to the beach and stayed there for like half an hour and I got fried. So not too much fun. When we started the trip back though we had a few surprises in store for Grandma. We stopped and saw a few covered bridges, for those of you who know my Grandma she loves I mean really loves covered bridges. It was a really good surprise the first time we drove up to one and the reaction she had! It makes a long car ride totally worth it. We ended up coming across a really amazing one in Northern Georgia where its not just a long covered bridge but also over a pretty good size falls on a big river with lots of rapids. It was so pretty to see. We saw a few covered bridges and a total of 5 big waterfalls. Driving through the heart of the Blue Ridge Smokys is always amazing to me, the views are breathtaking, long fast rivers, gorgeous waterfalls, quaint country towns. It's always makes for amazing, unforgettable trips. Here are a few pics of the waterfalls and bridges... I also posted a lot of pictures on facebook!! Not only do I love my photography job but taking nature pics is really a true love of mine. I love traveling and capturing the beautiful scenes, I hope someday that I can be able to have a way to sell them and share with the people the way I see the world.

Only nevermind, blogger is acting up and not letting my upload photos. Like I mentioned there is a ton in the album "Smoky Mountains" that I posted on facebook. Anyone whether my friend or not is allowed to view my photos!

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