The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2 years and countin..

So today is our anniversary. I don't know how many people keep track of their actual anniversary after they get married, but for me its not just our celebration of getting together on April 4th but it was 6 months being married on the 2nd. I like how it all laid out that our actual anniversary and our marriage anniversary will forever call within two days of each other and its exactly half a year a part. So its a good celebration for both and meaning we can take weekend trips to celebrate both because their only a few days a part! Okay now I'm being a girl and rambling about not really important things ha. The important thing being that two years ago today we made the trip down to Chicago and I took a HUGE leap of faith and boy was I scared to death to finally give Ben my answer. He had been waiting patiently, of course and I just couldn't do it, but I caved and I have been sooooo happy since! Best decision ever. I can't believe we have been married 6 months now either! It actually feels longer. I have heard from many people that I know and from just general advice that the first year of marriage is the hardest, or some say even like the first 5 years. Also how big of an adjustment it is and that it changes everything. Honestly, it hasn't been a huge adjustment, it hasn't been that hard, not saying we haven't had a few fights, but thats it just a few and they happened to be about the same things. Yes we also have been sick (mostly me) and we have had our car troubles but as for our relationship it hasn't been as rocky. So I don't know if we have it easy or that we have learned from our missteps in the past but if this is as hard as it gets I can definitely live with that! Ben is so amazing and sweet and patient I could go on and on about how lucky I am. I know no one is perfect and we both have our flaws but I do think we are perfect for each other. I wouldn't say we are opposites because we do have a lot in common, but I would say that where we lack the other person is strong and we balance out. I wouldn't of wanted a different path then the one God chose for us.
I know I may be rambling on about our anniversary but we didn't really do much, no presents or anything I am just really enjoying my week off of work and I went all out and made apple sage pork chops with cinnamon apples and triple berry cobber for desert. I put on my cherry apron, turned on some music and took over the kitchen. I really wish I could do that a lot more and it makes me hate working every evening and I can't say there has been too many times where Ben walks in the door at night and I am cooking dinner and ready to eat. I like that feeling and I like doing it, to me thats a part of being a wife. Although I did hate just doing all the dishes haha. Thank goodness we have a dishwasher, I love it.
Well once again thanks to my amazing, wonderful husband who has made the last two years the best ever!

So this is the first picture taken of us together!
Two years ago in April.
We are on a moped ha!

Our wedding day :)

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