The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Monday, February 7, 2011


So of course (anyone who knows me) knows I was rooting for the Packers! I will admit though I am definitely not die hard, watch every game anymore. Since the whole debacle with Favre and everything its just not the same and I ended up being a little disappointed with both sides in the end. Anyways but I was still supporting. Ben and I thought about having a party and having people over but with as tight as we are on money right now I didn't want to have to go out and spend it on a bunch of party food. Although I really wanted to make and bake and feel like I was doing something for a party! So we headed over to his parents, which we normally spend Sunday night there anyway. So I made a salsa/dip and at the last minute I decided to make a cake since I have a seriously carton full of jiffy mixes I received from our wedding. So gotta use them up sometime, so I found a cake mix and then baked it in a round pan. Ben helped cut off the edges and we formed it into a little football. Now I was not heading out to the store, so luckily I had chocolate frosting, perfect, footballs are brown. But I really wish I had white frosting or something since I have a cake decorating kit and I really wanted to use it to paint the laces on. Well we didn't have many options so the only thing I could come up was chocolate chips. Now I couldn't use normal chocolate chips because they would blend in the brown on brown. So I had to use peanut butter chips so they would stick out a little more.
All in all a wonderful evening spent with family and I am glad the Packers won of course!!

My salsa/dip with chips

Football cake

This was Ben and his nephew half the night, twins playing video games haha. It was cute them sitting next to each other so I had to take a pic. FYI we have offered many times to shave the Mohawk... its not cool. Just ignore it.

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