The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Old Blue"

As Ben calls his Big Blue truck "Old Blue" has retired, or died I should say. I earlier mentioned about his crash on the highway and we are so luck with all the car troubles we have had lately that nothing has happened to us. Not a scratch. I am so glad because his accident could of gone wrong in so many possible ways. Although I am not overly sad to see the truck go... (sorry Ben!) It couldn't of happened at a worse time. BUt I guess we are trying to stay positive and know that God had a reason, that it wouldn't break down on him later or cause an accident because of that. And saving us money in the long run putting more money into it.
So Here are a few pics of the crash.

This is the Driver side door, which would no longer open after the crash you can see the big dent and that his door is literally bent in and sticking out on the hinges.

Front Passenger side got totaled, the whole bumper is slid over like a foot and its not even over the tire anymore. The hood is bent up and if you look closely you can see the side panel sticking out into the passenger door.

The driver side front end and you can see the bumper that got slid over and is not just hanging off the end.

Close up look at Front Passenger side

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