The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard 2011

I know it wasn't a horrible, horrible blizzard. We got a few feet now, but everyone has been calling it the big blizzard of 2011. Well Ben and I decided it was nothing and wanted to go out and do some errands, so we made it as far as the driveway. We got pretty stuck and Ben (with just a little help from me) got us unstuck. We basically had to pretty much shovel the drive out. Which doesn't seem like a big deal, everyone does it but hey it was like 3 feet deep! Not fun! Here is a few pics of our snow storm. I didn't get a good one of Reggie because he was too busy burying himself tunnels under it and we kept losing him haha it really is deeper than him and he was completely covered. Sometimes he was walking in it and all we could see was a tail! So funny! He was having a blast :)

Our front door and the snow is all the way up past our kitchen windows! And you can no longer see the steps up to the frond door.

Trash day is wednesday and well it didn't get picked up today, I wonder why!

This is the tree in our front yard. All the way up to the limbs it is buried! Now look closely at the bottom of the picture and you can see some pokes sticking up, well that is a huge bush in the yard that is completely buried!

The buried almost to the roof, car. And Reggie's tail ha.

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