The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Website!

Updated the website with lots of new pictures, bios, colors and feature galleries! Go check it out please!!

Please, Please, Please, Please spread the WORD!!!!

Thanks and Love you!!!!

Happy Birthday MOM!

Happy Birthday today to my Mother. Grandma, Dad and I all devised a plan and had the three of them come up for a weekend visit seeing how it is her birthday today the 13th and Valentines weekend since we haven't seen them since the first week of January. The surprise plan was to have my brother and Bre and my two nieces Rylie and Ellie all come up for the weekend too. What better gift for a moms birthday then to have the whole family together and for her to see the grandkids right? Yeah! So it was a very good weekend and the surprise worked out wonderfully. Mom had already climbed in bed (they got here at like 11 friday night) and we had Rylie open the bedroom door and walk up to my mom and say "Happy Birthday Grandma". So my mom's repsonse was "OHHHHHH, what?, huh? Why are you here? Whats going on? OMG?" etc. hahaha it turned out nicely. Can't believe we all kept it a surprise! So here are some pics from this weekend!

Mom today on her birthday with her two grandkids

The girls and I (and dad napping)

Rylie with her homemade Valentine for Ben and I :)

So cute! Love her!

Monday, February 7, 2011


So of course (anyone who knows me) knows I was rooting for the Packers! I will admit though I am definitely not die hard, watch every game anymore. Since the whole debacle with Favre and everything its just not the same and I ended up being a little disappointed with both sides in the end. Anyways but I was still supporting. Ben and I thought about having a party and having people over but with as tight as we are on money right now I didn't want to have to go out and spend it on a bunch of party food. Although I really wanted to make and bake and feel like I was doing something for a party! So we headed over to his parents, which we normally spend Sunday night there anyway. So I made a salsa/dip and at the last minute I decided to make a cake since I have a seriously carton full of jiffy mixes I received from our wedding. So gotta use them up sometime, so I found a cake mix and then baked it in a round pan. Ben helped cut off the edges and we formed it into a little football. Now I was not heading out to the store, so luckily I had chocolate frosting, perfect, footballs are brown. But I really wish I had white frosting or something since I have a cake decorating kit and I really wanted to use it to paint the laces on. Well we didn't have many options so the only thing I could come up was chocolate chips. Now I couldn't use normal chocolate chips because they would blend in the brown on brown. So I had to use peanut butter chips so they would stick out a little more.
All in all a wonderful evening spent with family and I am glad the Packers won of course!!

My salsa/dip with chips

Football cake

This was Ben and his nephew half the night, twins playing video games haha. It was cute them sitting next to each other so I had to take a pic. FYI we have offered many times to shave the Mohawk... its not cool. Just ignore it.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Little Gymnasts!

Today we had another Fun Meet with my little Gymnasts! I am so proud of them and I love my job and helping them progress and seeing how every meet they conquer their fears and do the best they can! They did so good today and I can't wait to start teaching new routines so they can grow and try out new things! Tonight I went through all my old gymnastics videos and watched a lot of old routines. I wanted to find some routines where I fell or messed up and I saved them so I could show one of the girls. She had a really bad meet today and her confidence is down and she is so good and so elegant. So I want to show her that everyone has bad days and its ok to mess up and that when we fall we keep going and come back the next time and be better and prove yourself. I just want her so badly to be confident and do good and see how talented she is! Hopefully this will help some!
Here are a few cute pics from the meet today!

Look at all our ribbons and big trophy!!!

Love it.

Princess Diana

Today I went over to Grand Rapids to meet my Grandma, Mom and Aunt Ena to visit the Art Museum and the Princess Diana exhibit. It was a lot of fun and very informative. It just made me think back on how time flies and I clearly remember watching the Royal Wedding and then again watching the funeral as well. It seems like just a few years ago, not more than a decade. It was interesting to go through the stages of her life and learn so many things. Very nicely done. We all then went out to eat at Arnie's (my grandmas favorite) and you get free gourmet cupcakes with the meal and I picked Red Velvet and it was so delicious! Then off to the mall for some shopping. It was a wonderful girls day and I was glad to see everyone since it has been a few weeks now since I have seen my family.
Also on the plus side, I successfully made it to Grand Rapids and back with no car trouble!!!!! WHOOOO!!

One of her many crowns

Friday, February 4, 2011


Today I was an idiot. Drove all the way down to the Y in Grand Haven to work out with Jayme and I forgot my tennis shoes. Wow. That's all I have to say about today. It was long but yet very productive. Rearranged the storage room! Fun haha.

Oh yes, and for the FIRST TIME EVER.... not just a single race but a whole round I beat Ben at Mario Kart! WE have played the past two nights and seriously yesterday when I started playing, I knew something was different, suddenly I went from being okay to good. I don't want to jinx it, but I was so excited that for once I beat him a whole round! I probably have only won like maybe two races ever. So this is so much better!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard 2011

I know it wasn't a horrible, horrible blizzard. We got a few feet now, but everyone has been calling it the big blizzard of 2011. Well Ben and I decided it was nothing and wanted to go out and do some errands, so we made it as far as the driveway. We got pretty stuck and Ben (with just a little help from me) got us unstuck. We basically had to pretty much shovel the drive out. Which doesn't seem like a big deal, everyone does it but hey it was like 3 feet deep! Not fun! Here is a few pics of our snow storm. I didn't get a good one of Reggie because he was too busy burying himself tunnels under it and we kept losing him haha it really is deeper than him and he was completely covered. Sometimes he was walking in it and all we could see was a tail! So funny! He was having a blast :)

Our front door and the snow is all the way up past our kitchen windows! And you can no longer see the steps up to the frond door.

Trash day is wednesday and well it didn't get picked up today, I wonder why!

This is the tree in our front yard. All the way up to the limbs it is buried! Now look closely at the bottom of the picture and you can see some pokes sticking up, well that is a huge bush in the yard that is completely buried!

The buried almost to the roof, car. And Reggie's tail ha.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine Fever

I don't really have Valentine Fever but I did happen to run across these cute Valentine Templates and I couldn't help myself playing around and making a cute one for Ben and I!! They are great for little kids, cute babies and as I made even cute couples like us :) Here is one I made! I made a few more but they will stay secret a little longer!
Wishing you Love and Happiness in this Snow Blizzard!!

"Old Blue"

As Ben calls his Big Blue truck "Old Blue" has retired, or died I should say. I earlier mentioned about his crash on the highway and we are so luck with all the car troubles we have had lately that nothing has happened to us. Not a scratch. I am so glad because his accident could of gone wrong in so many possible ways. Although I am not overly sad to see the truck go... (sorry Ben!) It couldn't of happened at a worse time. BUt I guess we are trying to stay positive and know that God had a reason, that it wouldn't break down on him later or cause an accident because of that. And saving us money in the long run putting more money into it.
So Here are a few pics of the crash.

This is the Driver side door, which would no longer open after the crash you can see the big dent and that his door is literally bent in and sticking out on the hinges.

Front Passenger side got totaled, the whole bumper is slid over like a foot and its not even over the tire anymore. The hood is bent up and if you look closely you can see the side panel sticking out into the passenger door.

The driver side front end and you can see the bumper that got slid over and is not just hanging off the end.

Close up look at Front Passenger side