The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Thursday, January 27, 2011

weekly Rambles

So I am up super early this morning. Ben usually leaves at 7 on Tues and Thurs and I go back to sleep but this morning I couldn't. Too much to do I guess and a lot on my mind. I had to get up early to meet my friend Jayme for Boxing Bootcamp. Which I am really nervous about! One that it will kill my shoulder, not sure all that it entails, and the other just I am extremely out of shape and we have only been working out for like a week or two. I am up to 3 -4 days working out a week. Which is better than I was, trying to take it gradual. I wanted to start out doing more, but we have had many distractions the past two weeks that kept me busy. So its a start. Not doing much but like I said it will be gradual and hopefully I can start working out like 5 or 6 days a week here soon. This is my first work out class ever! So I have a feeling I might die. I do like the 20 minute ones on OnDemand Fitness and I usually have to stop and take breaks haha so an hours going to kill me.

As for the cars, for those of you who haven't heard, Ben totaled his truck on the highway :( Yet another car going down for us. So we were down to just the car for a few days and then we got the jeep back for a few minutes before something went wrong with it. So back in again it went. I need to take some pics of the jeep (new, with all the shiny chrome) and Ben's truck (which is parked at his parents, so haven't done it yet) and then I will post some pics and talk about those two in more detail.

Other news, a diamond fell out of my engagement ring! One of the corners. Don't know what happened, at least its not the big one haha. So I am without my big rock for a few weeks sadly. I wanted to get it redipped anyways but couldn't part with it, so at least now I am killing two birds with one stone. So for now I am just wearing the wedding band which feels really weird and naked. I like having something noticeable that said "Hey, I'm Married!". Guess it will come back all shiny and new looking again. Hope its soon!

I will post pics soon! I'm off to bootcamp for now!

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