The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snowy Car Crash

So today, after we already had car trouble this week, I rear ended someone today. I am totally fine, it was literally like a really slow (I was going like 10mph at the most) bumper hit. I just hit the slushy snow (since we have been getting loads of it) and just kept sliding even when I had it in 4 wheel. It was so slow motion and I barely felt the bump, my seat belt didn't even lock up thats how slow it was. But with our luck this week I just happened to hit a Ford 250 super duty, city department works plow truck. I happened to slowy hit him right in the hitch on the back and place it into my grill in the exact spot my radiator sits and well he broke and bled all over. Instantly there was red fluid pouring out of my jeep. The driver hops out and looks at it and says "wow you can't drive that". I'm like what? It looks totally fine to me, the bumpers not bent or cracked, the grills not broken, its just leaking. So I call Ben immediately, of course and I'm like "Hey this guy says the radiators cracked and its leaking... I can still drive home right? Everything else looks fine!" He answers with "Um, NO... I'm on my way." Oh crap, I think. That's not good, Ben says I can't drive it, he sounds like its bad :(
So yeah it is bad, I guess a broken radiator is like $500+ wow. Not we needed and I can't drive my jeep till its fixed. We had to have it towed, so now it is sitting in the driveway all lonely until we figure out on Monday where it goes to get fixed and how much thats gonna cost us. Not good news.
So anyways as I mentioned we have been getting lots and lots of snow... which caused me to slide. So I figured I would share some pictures of how deep our snow is here and how much Reggie loves playing in the snow and share a pic of the jeep as well.

If you can see the bush in the background is almost buried and the snow is like half way up our tree!

Reggie's face is buried

It's all the way up to his belly!

He gets like soaked everytime he goes out!

The small hitch shaped hole on the bottom of my car :(

So like I said earlier this week. It could be a lot worse. I know its hard and everyone has struggles, but we are happy, blessed and in love.

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