The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rough Patch

So for those of you who don't know, Ben and I have hit a little rough patch this week. I know we just went on an awesome vacation. Then the next day we arrived back home I got the flu. Luckily it was only like a 24 hour bug but I was all worried because we had Jerrad and Molly's wedding that weekend and I desperately did not want to be sick. I started feeling just a little bit better, but was still really weak and tired and still had not ate anything by Friday the day of Rehearsal but then Ben was not feeling good. Oh No. Just what we needed. I am taking pictures for the wedding and Ben is the Best Man. This isn't good. Lucky he wasn't feeling as bad as me and somehow he surpassed the worst of it. By Saturday the day of the wedding we were both feeling much better and it was a wonderful day with family. Ben and I are so excited for Jerrad and that he found his perfect match and glad that Molly has a sense of humor that blends right in with us and all are sarcasm :)
Onto our rough patch as I was saying, so on Monday Ben said his car was acting funny with the lights blinking on and off and acting crazy so he took my jeep to school. Then on Tuesday after he got back from school and took his car in and it was the alternator. Which needed replaced. So that was some money. We were already pretty tight since we got back and bills piled up and just some other unexpected issues so it just made this week a little worse.
I know everyone goes through rough patches, especially newlyweds, its hard adjusting and emergencies happen. And it could be a lot worse then just a little tight and stressful.

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