The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Thursday, January 13, 2011


So I know I stopped posting after we made it to Georgia, but that is only because we stopped having internet! So I will now update on our trip, even though I posted lots and lots of pictures on facebook.
By the time we arrived in Florida, Ben refused to have his picture taken at anymore state lines! Surprise, surprise haha. Apparently crossing into new states is not that exciting. So we arrive in Orlando sometime Monday the 29th in the afternoon. We went and took my parents to their resort and checked in and unpacked, then we went to get them groceries and we all went out to dinner. Then Ben and I headed over to Disney just for the evening. Of course we went to Magic Kingdom, if it is anyones first time you must start there. There is something so magical about walking through the gates into the park at night when all the lights are on and its just a different world. The castle was absolutely stunning with all the icicle lights all over it. I have never been to Disney around Christmas and I must tell everyone to go because the castle itself is just breathtaking but all the trees and garlands are beautiful! So Ben got a short tour of Magic Kingdom and we went on some rides and then watched the fireworks over the castle. Which he loved, anyone who knows Ben, knows he loves fireworks! And well Disney never fails to impress. We ended up seeing fireworks every day we were there at every park! It was so awesome!
The next day we got up and went and hung around at our resort for awhile, we stayed at Pop Century, one of Disney's value resorts. It was still quite cold so we bundled up in long sleeves and sweatshirts and headed out to Animal Kingdom. I feel like there was soooo much we didn't do there and I would love to see the Lion King show and Finding Nemo shows someday, so we will have to go back. We waited forever in line for the Safari, which was really cool, it just seemed like a long wait for like a ten minute ride. But it was really cool being out in the open with the animals roaming around you. We saw lions, antelope, giraffe, lots of other deer like animals, rhino, hmm and some other things. Then we went to Mt. Everest but the line was really long, so we got some food since we were starving and omg this food was AMAZING! If anyone goes to animal kingdom you must eat at Yak & Yeti. Maybe it was because we were both super cold and this was hot food but this chinese was so so so good. It was our favorite meal the whole time we were at Disney. We finally got on Mt. Everest and it was awesome. I mean really really awesome. You must ride it at night though it is so much scarier and holy cow I screamed my head off. Scary roller coaster for sure. We rode it twice, it was sweet. Our favorite ride at Disney too!
Wednesday we went to Hollywood Studios and we did a lot there. Tower of terror, Aerosmith roller coaster, stunt show, Indiana Jones show, backlot tour and lots more. Our definite favorite was the Toy Story 4-D ride. Ben had so much fun shooting the gun and he would not stop popping it, constantly. haha. But he killed me both times, it was a really really awesome game/ride though. Better than the Toy Story ride at Magic Kingdom. Also another highlight of the night was Mickey's Fantasmic! Show. It was so awesome, a mixture of water, lights, lasers and fireworks show over a lake. Really the coolest show we saw. I took some pics but they didn't turn out, but the video of it is awesome. We were so lucky cuz we ran in the theater at the last minute and it was jam packed except for the very outside, but we walked up to the middle aisle and the usher said if there's only two of us she can make room. So we sat front and center only a couple rows up. It was totally worth it and really really awesome. Definitely a highlight of the whole trip.
Thursday was Epcot, Soaring was so fun and amazing. How you can literally smell the oranges, the pine trees and the saltwater. It was a really cool ride taking you on a journey like your hang gliding over the United States. I really enjoyed The Land and learning about all the research Disney is doing and that most of the food they serve all over Disney is actually grown there in their own greenhouses! Those were really awesome and so was the Aquarium at Finding Nemo. We found this like really late in the night and I wish we knew earlier, we could of stayed there all day watching everything and we both wanted to see the Turtle Crush show. Knowing me I could of just sat and watched dolphins all day. Their so addicting. Ben loved the sea turtle of course :) There was so much we didn't get to there either like the test track and mission space and a few of the countries we didn't make it to either. We didn't have the best view of the water/fireworks show there either. Definitely need to remember to get a better seat next time.
Friday was back to Magic Kingdom for New Years Eve. We didn't go till late and then we went back to our resort for awhile too. It was definitely very packed. A very busy day for Disney for sure. We managed to get in the rest of the rides we hadn't got to do on Monday. I loved being there on New Years Eve. At about 10:00 p.m. the atmosphere just totally changed and everyone was happy and excited and we weren't tired and we got free hats and the kazoo blowers and it was just really cool. The fireworks were so amazing, it was like 360 degrees. Everywhere you looked they were around you, the side, the back, the front and of course over the castle. A really, really unique experience and it was awesome being there. The park was open until 2am so we stayed around for awhile and did some more rides.

Thats it for our stay at Disney. Ben had an awesome first experience, I think, and we will definitely be going again. It was the first time I had actually stayed at Disney and it was a good choice to have your meals included and not having to worry about parking and you can take time out to go back to your hotel and relax for a little bit. We never had any meal that was bad, every time we ate different things and tried new things and everything was really really good. Ben was happy that he got unlimited pop and coffee too!
Definitely will have many more Disney stories from us!

As for pictures there is a ton posted on facebook of our whole trip!

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