The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bahamas and home

So New Years day we drove down to Palm Beach and took a short little, small cruise to the Bahamas. We didn't end up leaving till around 6 at night and so Ben and I just spent the evening exploring the ship and eating of course. I think he had like ice cream twice a day haha. We actually turned in kinda early because we were so tired from staying up late at Disney the night before and knew that we would have a long day in the Bahamas a head of us. So the next morning we wake up and head out at 9 because we decided last minute to go snorkeling. So we took a shuttle from out port to the marina and hopped on a boat and went out into the ocean a few miles to the reef and we snorkeled! It was totally scary at first, the only time I have done it before in the ocean was in Turks and Caicos and we went off of this private island so we were on shore and swam out and the coral was pretty deep down. But this time we were in the middle of the ocean and on the downside the waves were pretty big that day. So we have to jump in and then get tackled by the waves and you stick your head under water and the coral is literally right there! Like a foot away from you, so in order to not keep kicking the coral you have to lie flat (which is how you snorkel anyways) but let me tell you, jumping in and trying to swim and get your bearings while waves are crashing over you its hard to relax and float! So yeah Ben and I were both freaking out a little bit for sure. Then once we relaxed and started floating it was so cool! Like fascinating, its like an aquarium but yet you can touch everything and your swimming in it all. The coral was really shallow and some points and then there were valleys and caves in other parts. So Ben and I tried to stay away from the shallow parts because if you don't know, your not supposed to touch Coral. Some of it stings and is poisonous and its all very sharp and hard and so its wise just to stay away from it. So a little scary for sure because your swimming right over it and you can see it swaying back and forth moving towards you in the water. We both ended up kicking it a few times but luckily we had on flippers. We tried to stay in the deeper parts. I somehow did manage to get a scrape on my leg and I didn't notice it till it started stinging and I climbed out of the boat and was bleeding a little. It was really awesome seeing all the brightly colored fish, some with stripes, some with dots, whole schools of hundreds and your swimming right along with them. Definitely the highlight of our day spent in the Bahamas.
We then went back and hung out at the Lucaya Beach Resort by the pools. It was the only day it was actually warm enough to lay out, so we got pink but it faded by the next day and by the time we got back we weren't even tan! We also went to the markets there and bought a lot of souvenirs and that was a cool experience too.
The next morning we were back in port and headed off the ship at 8 a.m.. We then started our trek back home, making a few really neat stops at towns we love along the way.
St. Augustine- beautiful, historic beach town
Savannah, GA - historic, southern charm town

Then arrived back home on Wednesday the 5th. We had a long weekend a head of us!

Bahamas pictures are posted on facebook too!!

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