The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Thursday, January 27, 2011

weekly Rambles

So I am up super early this morning. Ben usually leaves at 7 on Tues and Thurs and I go back to sleep but this morning I couldn't. Too much to do I guess and a lot on my mind. I had to get up early to meet my friend Jayme for Boxing Bootcamp. Which I am really nervous about! One that it will kill my shoulder, not sure all that it entails, and the other just I am extremely out of shape and we have only been working out for like a week or two. I am up to 3 -4 days working out a week. Which is better than I was, trying to take it gradual. I wanted to start out doing more, but we have had many distractions the past two weeks that kept me busy. So its a start. Not doing much but like I said it will be gradual and hopefully I can start working out like 5 or 6 days a week here soon. This is my first work out class ever! So I have a feeling I might die. I do like the 20 minute ones on OnDemand Fitness and I usually have to stop and take breaks haha so an hours going to kill me.

As for the cars, for those of you who haven't heard, Ben totaled his truck on the highway :( Yet another car going down for us. So we were down to just the car for a few days and then we got the jeep back for a few minutes before something went wrong with it. So back in again it went. I need to take some pics of the jeep (new, with all the shiny chrome) and Ben's truck (which is parked at his parents, so haven't done it yet) and then I will post some pics and talk about those two in more detail.

Other news, a diamond fell out of my engagement ring! One of the corners. Don't know what happened, at least its not the big one haha. So I am without my big rock for a few weeks sadly. I wanted to get it redipped anyways but couldn't part with it, so at least now I am killing two birds with one stone. So for now I am just wearing the wedding band which feels really weird and naked. I like having something noticeable that said "Hey, I'm Married!". Guess it will come back all shiny and new looking again. Hope its soon!

I will post pics soon! I'm off to bootcamp for now!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Major Blog Change

So I have been thinking for awhile that I should change the title of my blog. Initially it was a good title because I was just beginning to write a blog and there were a lot of new things happening in my life. So now I feel that it no longer is beginning it is already there. I feel like it is the next chapter in not only my life anymore but my married life with Ben. Sure new things are always happening but now that we have settled into a home, I have been married for almost 4 months now and it is a new year, it is time for a new start. So we are starting a new story with lots new chapters this year to share.
Ben and I have had a really rough start to this new year, so I think its time to change that. After all the car issues this past week I have been dealing with insurance and bills and all that good stuff. Not. But everything is getting settled and we are slowly climbing out of our rough patch. It's a new week, a new day and I really like that I can now say "I got married last year!" It feels like it has been a year for sure already. We are coming up on 4 months and I couldn't be happier even with all the rough spots. I couldn't do it with out him. My steady rock.
Hope you join us on our new journey and follow our story of our first year of marriage and many more memories!

As I was writing this blog, this song happened to come on and I teared up a little bit as I was writing about how hard its been lately and how much I love Ben and the constant love and rock he is in my life. The song fits perfectly.
I am just changing the lyrics from they're to "he" :)
Currently Listening to:
Craig Campbell: Family Man

There's dirty shirts to wash, Dishes in the sink to do
And there's how many times, Does 17 go into 52
There's bedtime prayers to pray, Sleep tights and I love you's
And then there's his blue eyes, I get to lose myself into

What keeps me keeping the faith, What makes me believe I can
He's a world my world revolves around
My sacred piece of solid ground
The flesh and bone that gives me strength to stand
He's a fire in my driving on
The drive behind my coming home
The living, breathing, reason that I am

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snowy Car Crash

So today, after we already had car trouble this week, I rear ended someone today. I am totally fine, it was literally like a really slow (I was going like 10mph at the most) bumper hit. I just hit the slushy snow (since we have been getting loads of it) and just kept sliding even when I had it in 4 wheel. It was so slow motion and I barely felt the bump, my seat belt didn't even lock up thats how slow it was. But with our luck this week I just happened to hit a Ford 250 super duty, city department works plow truck. I happened to slowy hit him right in the hitch on the back and place it into my grill in the exact spot my radiator sits and well he broke and bled all over. Instantly there was red fluid pouring out of my jeep. The driver hops out and looks at it and says "wow you can't drive that". I'm like what? It looks totally fine to me, the bumpers not bent or cracked, the grills not broken, its just leaking. So I call Ben immediately, of course and I'm like "Hey this guy says the radiators cracked and its leaking... I can still drive home right? Everything else looks fine!" He answers with "Um, NO... I'm on my way." Oh crap, I think. That's not good, Ben says I can't drive it, he sounds like its bad :(
So yeah it is bad, I guess a broken radiator is like $500+ wow. Not we needed and I can't drive my jeep till its fixed. We had to have it towed, so now it is sitting in the driveway all lonely until we figure out on Monday where it goes to get fixed and how much thats gonna cost us. Not good news.
So anyways as I mentioned we have been getting lots and lots of snow... which caused me to slide. So I figured I would share some pictures of how deep our snow is here and how much Reggie loves playing in the snow and share a pic of the jeep as well.

If you can see the bush in the background is almost buried and the snow is like half way up our tree!

Reggie's face is buried

It's all the way up to his belly!

He gets like soaked everytime he goes out!

The small hitch shaped hole on the bottom of my car :(

So like I said earlier this week. It could be a lot worse. I know its hard and everyone has struggles, but we are happy, blessed and in love.

Unexpected Surprise

So as I was saying we hit a little rough patch and Ben and I have both been stressed out a little bit. So we went out in the morning and I came back and there was this sign left on our front door. Just hanging there by the little twine holder. A hand painted note (I say a little reminder from God) just when we needed it. Who knew we were being stressed. No one but our families. There was no note left with it, nothing, just the sign. It was just an answer to prayer to remind us that God is in control and he has a plan for everything. I keep going back over and over this week thinking about that sign and our secret messenger. Thank You for lifting our spirits.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rough Patch

So for those of you who don't know, Ben and I have hit a little rough patch this week. I know we just went on an awesome vacation. Then the next day we arrived back home I got the flu. Luckily it was only like a 24 hour bug but I was all worried because we had Jerrad and Molly's wedding that weekend and I desperately did not want to be sick. I started feeling just a little bit better, but was still really weak and tired and still had not ate anything by Friday the day of Rehearsal but then Ben was not feeling good. Oh No. Just what we needed. I am taking pictures for the wedding and Ben is the Best Man. This isn't good. Lucky he wasn't feeling as bad as me and somehow he surpassed the worst of it. By Saturday the day of the wedding we were both feeling much better and it was a wonderful day with family. Ben and I are so excited for Jerrad and that he found his perfect match and glad that Molly has a sense of humor that blends right in with us and all are sarcasm :)
Onto our rough patch as I was saying, so on Monday Ben said his car was acting funny with the lights blinking on and off and acting crazy so he took my jeep to school. Then on Tuesday after he got back from school and took his car in and it was the alternator. Which needed replaced. So that was some money. We were already pretty tight since we got back and bills piled up and just some other unexpected issues so it just made this week a little worse.
I know everyone goes through rough patches, especially newlyweds, its hard adjusting and emergencies happen. And it could be a lot worse then just a little tight and stressful.

Sneak Peek... Molly & Jerrad

Molly & Jerrad... A wonderful, Sweet couple and I am glad that Molly and I are both a part of an Amazing family together now! Congratulations to the both of you and I look forward to many more memories with you guys!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bahamas and home

So New Years day we drove down to Palm Beach and took a short little, small cruise to the Bahamas. We didn't end up leaving till around 6 at night and so Ben and I just spent the evening exploring the ship and eating of course. I think he had like ice cream twice a day haha. We actually turned in kinda early because we were so tired from staying up late at Disney the night before and knew that we would have a long day in the Bahamas a head of us. So the next morning we wake up and head out at 9 because we decided last minute to go snorkeling. So we took a shuttle from out port to the marina and hopped on a boat and went out into the ocean a few miles to the reef and we snorkeled! It was totally scary at first, the only time I have done it before in the ocean was in Turks and Caicos and we went off of this private island so we were on shore and swam out and the coral was pretty deep down. But this time we were in the middle of the ocean and on the downside the waves were pretty big that day. So we have to jump in and then get tackled by the waves and you stick your head under water and the coral is literally right there! Like a foot away from you, so in order to not keep kicking the coral you have to lie flat (which is how you snorkel anyways) but let me tell you, jumping in and trying to swim and get your bearings while waves are crashing over you its hard to relax and float! So yeah Ben and I were both freaking out a little bit for sure. Then once we relaxed and started floating it was so cool! Like fascinating, its like an aquarium but yet you can touch everything and your swimming in it all. The coral was really shallow and some points and then there were valleys and caves in other parts. So Ben and I tried to stay away from the shallow parts because if you don't know, your not supposed to touch Coral. Some of it stings and is poisonous and its all very sharp and hard and so its wise just to stay away from it. So a little scary for sure because your swimming right over it and you can see it swaying back and forth moving towards you in the water. We both ended up kicking it a few times but luckily we had on flippers. We tried to stay in the deeper parts. I somehow did manage to get a scrape on my leg and I didn't notice it till it started stinging and I climbed out of the boat and was bleeding a little. It was really awesome seeing all the brightly colored fish, some with stripes, some with dots, whole schools of hundreds and your swimming right along with them. Definitely the highlight of our day spent in the Bahamas.
We then went back and hung out at the Lucaya Beach Resort by the pools. It was the only day it was actually warm enough to lay out, so we got pink but it faded by the next day and by the time we got back we weren't even tan! We also went to the markets there and bought a lot of souvenirs and that was a cool experience too.
The next morning we were back in port and headed off the ship at 8 a.m.. We then started our trek back home, making a few really neat stops at towns we love along the way.
St. Augustine- beautiful, historic beach town
Savannah, GA - historic, southern charm town

Then arrived back home on Wednesday the 5th. We had a long weekend a head of us!

Bahamas pictures are posted on facebook too!!


So I know I stopped posting after we made it to Georgia, but that is only because we stopped having internet! So I will now update on our trip, even though I posted lots and lots of pictures on facebook.
By the time we arrived in Florida, Ben refused to have his picture taken at anymore state lines! Surprise, surprise haha. Apparently crossing into new states is not that exciting. So we arrive in Orlando sometime Monday the 29th in the afternoon. We went and took my parents to their resort and checked in and unpacked, then we went to get them groceries and we all went out to dinner. Then Ben and I headed over to Disney just for the evening. Of course we went to Magic Kingdom, if it is anyones first time you must start there. There is something so magical about walking through the gates into the park at night when all the lights are on and its just a different world. The castle was absolutely stunning with all the icicle lights all over it. I have never been to Disney around Christmas and I must tell everyone to go because the castle itself is just breathtaking but all the trees and garlands are beautiful! So Ben got a short tour of Magic Kingdom and we went on some rides and then watched the fireworks over the castle. Which he loved, anyone who knows Ben, knows he loves fireworks! And well Disney never fails to impress. We ended up seeing fireworks every day we were there at every park! It was so awesome!
The next day we got up and went and hung around at our resort for awhile, we stayed at Pop Century, one of Disney's value resorts. It was still quite cold so we bundled up in long sleeves and sweatshirts and headed out to Animal Kingdom. I feel like there was soooo much we didn't do there and I would love to see the Lion King show and Finding Nemo shows someday, so we will have to go back. We waited forever in line for the Safari, which was really cool, it just seemed like a long wait for like a ten minute ride. But it was really cool being out in the open with the animals roaming around you. We saw lions, antelope, giraffe, lots of other deer like animals, rhino, hmm and some other things. Then we went to Mt. Everest but the line was really long, so we got some food since we were starving and omg this food was AMAZING! If anyone goes to animal kingdom you must eat at Yak & Yeti. Maybe it was because we were both super cold and this was hot food but this chinese was so so so good. It was our favorite meal the whole time we were at Disney. We finally got on Mt. Everest and it was awesome. I mean really really awesome. You must ride it at night though it is so much scarier and holy cow I screamed my head off. Scary roller coaster for sure. We rode it twice, it was sweet. Our favorite ride at Disney too!
Wednesday we went to Hollywood Studios and we did a lot there. Tower of terror, Aerosmith roller coaster, stunt show, Indiana Jones show, backlot tour and lots more. Our definite favorite was the Toy Story 4-D ride. Ben had so much fun shooting the gun and he would not stop popping it, constantly. haha. But he killed me both times, it was a really really awesome game/ride though. Better than the Toy Story ride at Magic Kingdom. Also another highlight of the night was Mickey's Fantasmic! Show. It was so awesome, a mixture of water, lights, lasers and fireworks show over a lake. Really the coolest show we saw. I took some pics but they didn't turn out, but the video of it is awesome. We were so lucky cuz we ran in the theater at the last minute and it was jam packed except for the very outside, but we walked up to the middle aisle and the usher said if there's only two of us she can make room. So we sat front and center only a couple rows up. It was totally worth it and really really awesome. Definitely a highlight of the whole trip.
Thursday was Epcot, Soaring was so fun and amazing. How you can literally smell the oranges, the pine trees and the saltwater. It was a really cool ride taking you on a journey like your hang gliding over the United States. I really enjoyed The Land and learning about all the research Disney is doing and that most of the food they serve all over Disney is actually grown there in their own greenhouses! Those were really awesome and so was the Aquarium at Finding Nemo. We found this like really late in the night and I wish we knew earlier, we could of stayed there all day watching everything and we both wanted to see the Turtle Crush show. Knowing me I could of just sat and watched dolphins all day. Their so addicting. Ben loved the sea turtle of course :) There was so much we didn't get to there either like the test track and mission space and a few of the countries we didn't make it to either. We didn't have the best view of the water/fireworks show there either. Definitely need to remember to get a better seat next time.
Friday was back to Magic Kingdom for New Years Eve. We didn't go till late and then we went back to our resort for awhile too. It was definitely very packed. A very busy day for Disney for sure. We managed to get in the rest of the rides we hadn't got to do on Monday. I loved being there on New Years Eve. At about 10:00 p.m. the atmosphere just totally changed and everyone was happy and excited and we weren't tired and we got free hats and the kazoo blowers and it was just really cool. The fireworks were so amazing, it was like 360 degrees. Everywhere you looked they were around you, the side, the back, the front and of course over the castle. A really, really unique experience and it was awesome being there. The park was open until 2am so we stayed around for awhile and did some more rides.

Thats it for our stay at Disney. Ben had an awesome first experience, I think, and we will definitely be going again. It was the first time I had actually stayed at Disney and it was a good choice to have your meals included and not having to worry about parking and you can take time out to go back to your hotel and relax for a little bit. We never had any meal that was bad, every time we ate different things and tried new things and everything was really really good. Ben was happy that he got unlimited pop and coffee too!
Definitely will have many more Disney stories from us!

As for pictures there is a ton posted on facebook of our whole trip!