The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Saturday, December 31, 2011

The end of 2011

Goodbye Holidays! They have come and gone and I have not blogged. It's definitely been a whirlwind of a holiday season and here I am on New Years Eve blogging for the first time since before Thanksgiving. We have done so much. Let's start with Thanksgiving we spent the day with the Eller family and then on Friday we headed to Chicago to visit for the weekend with my brother and family and my nieces. December then came and we had a day trip to Traverse City and Three Christmases and lots of Company. We have had company for almost two weeks. Ben's cousin Jerrad and his wife Molly came for a week from Washington and also my family has been up a few times over the season. The mid of December I got severe strep throat and was on antibiotics for 10 days and then still wasn't feeling better for a few days and felt better and then it came back with a vengeance including a sinus infection and so back on antibiotics here I am. I feel like December I have been completely useless and done nothing but lay on the couch. With a winter break from work and all the last minute photo christmas orders done I don't have a lot on my plate. Which has been truly nice but also I am not quite sure what to do with myself. Ben tells me to just relax and get better and makes me do nothing, literally and I am going insane. But obviously if its taking over 3 weeks to to get over strep throat then apparently I do need rest. Its just hard sitting.
January will be a stressful and yet hopefully turning over a new leaf. Ben is on the job hunt and we don't know if it will turn up as a temp job or something more permanent that he enjoys. I hope he enjoys it regardless but I know it might not happen that a dream job comes a long right away. So we will see. Keep your fingers crossed for us and send prayers our way as we embark on a new chapter together.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This last weekend was a complete BLAST!! It was awesome. My mom and Grandma came up Friday and I went and met them in Grand Rapids to do some pre- Christmas shopping and I actually got a few things for a good head start. I am trying to buy early so I am not stuck with last minute overload on spending too much money and then get burned out and out of cash. So it was fun having them up and they set up my village and is so cute and I much a time saver for me. I know it may be a little early but I never got it up last year and between my family and Ben's mom we have some pretty nice pieces and I definitely wanted it displayed this year. Right now it is fall themed and soon I will add all the snow!
On Sunday Ben and I took Chase to Cedar Point for Halloweekends and it was awesome! We just did it in a day and it wasn't too bad. We left at 7:45 a.m. and got back about 1 a.m.. I loved being there for Halloweekends, I hadn't been to Cedar Point in like 5 years at least and Ben hadn't been there for a few years either and it was Chase's first time ever and so it was fun to experience it with him and also never being there with Ben before! I loved riding all the big coasters with Ben. The Halloween decorations were so cool and we got a few haunted houses in too. I am definitely thinking the next time to go in the fall again during this time and not in Summer. The longest we waited in line was just about an hour and some rides were only about 10 minutes so that was really nice. I would want to go next time and stay over night and go two days. We definitely didn't get to do everything and I wanted to do more of the Halloween stuff. But still I feel we got a lot accomplished and it was totally worth it!
Last night was our first time being home and together for Halloween and so I had an awesome time getting trick or treaters, I was so worried I bough a lot of candy for nothing and wouldn't get any, but we did! We even dressed Reggie up in his turtle costume :) Then Ben and I went out to dinner and spent the rest of the night playing pool and video games just spending time together and then we finished off the night with a scary movie!
A wonderful weekend together! I wish it was Friday again however...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oh Deer!

This weekend on Saturday while I was at my meet, I had extremely good news from Ben... he got a deer! Not just a deer but the biggest he has ever shot! I am so proud of him especially since last weekend was so hard on him and he got back up and went out and redeemed himself and now I can definitely tell he is a little less stressed and more happy. I am so glad we will finally have some meat back in the freezer! It was a 5 point buck and his dad was with him and that made it extra special for Ben. It was really funny when I brought Reggie over with me to see it and him at his parents and Reggie quickly thought the deer was his and only his. He smelled it from head to toe then sat down next to it and wouldn't move. He even growled when Belle got too close and we literally had to drag him away. He would just sit there and look at the buck and stick his nose in the air daring anyone to come near him. He now believes he is an excellent tracker and every walk through the woods is his mission to find deer now haha. It was really really funny. Here are a few pics of my happy boys!


Yay!! Season has started again! We started meets a little earlier this year and we had our first meet for the YMCA this past weekend in Ludington. Only 4 girls went this time due to last soccer games of the season, but even so I was so excited to go and be there with them. They did really really well for the first meet and I am looking forward to the season. I am super sad I won't be able to make it to the November meet since I am shooting a wedding in Jackson. But I know they will do great and I am so proud of them and I love my job and seeing all the progress they make and to see them enjoy it as well. Sure it has been super stressful lately having to go to work every night when I barely see Ben anymore and there is just so much going on with photography work and other things in our lives that sometimes I don't want to be there. But usually by the end of the night it puts me in a better mood being around the girls and laughing with them. Sometimes I get frustrated and need a day or two off or sometimes a week and I need to remind myself its the Y and they are there to have fun more than learning gymnastics and some of them look forward to this every week. Here is a picture from our past meet this weekend!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Weddings, Deer and Pumpkins!

I know a crazy combination of a title for sure but that was truly what this weekend was. Ben and I traveled home on Friday night and had a wonderful evening spent with my family. Sure I was stuffing three senior albums and had a few errands to run but at least I could sit (not a computer) and talk to people.
Ben went out hunting on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday morning he saw a big 7 point and was super excited but not a good enough shot. I was busy working my dear friend Shanna's wedding and was so excited to spend the day with her and be there on this very special occasion. The family has always been close to ours and they have been through more trials then anyone should endure and it was a bittersweet day for sure. Many tears would shed and this week as I have been going back through the pictures many more were cried just reliving the moments and seeing how beautiful and radiant she was. On Sunday Ben went out again and this time I got a call in the morning to come help him search for the deer. But over 3 hours later and following endless blood trails through dense shrubbery, muddy creeks, waist tall grass/swamp lands and even bringing Reggie out to help track the blood, we had no luck. It was extremely hard seeing Ben so turned up and upset because obviously a deer is suffering and at this point it should of survived since there was no luck finding it in a large area but still I know he desparately wanted to put meat in the freezer for us but beyond that his despair of a suffering deer was almost unbearable. I know it happens a lot and everyone will have it happen at least if not a few times but still I know every time will be very difficult on him. Which makes me love him even more because he has such a compassionate, caring heart and those are just a few of the many qualities of why I fell in love with him.
Sunday morning I had another shoot with a family and newborn I do quite often and I love every time we shoot together. After that Ben and I continued onto Grand Rapids where we met his entire family at our favorite orchard. It brought back so many memories for me because this time last year we were there shooting our wedding photos! Ahh I was just walking around re living it and it made me even happier :) This has been the most wonderful year and I fall more in love with Ben every day. We all had a fun time picking apples, cider and donuts, watching the kids play and of course riding the way too small for us cow train. Always a great time!
So far this week has been just as busy as last! It is definitely starting to take a toll on me and Ben and I are both extremely stressed out lately. We have a lot going on personally and work and school and its just wearing us out. I am looking forward to a few fun things we have coming up and just a chance to get away from all that stuff and take a break and enjoy each other even if it is just for a few hours. It is nothing between us, we are very good, just outside stuff, part of it wishing we could spend more time together.
Well for now thats it. I am definitely going to be posting more pics to facebook soon for photography work, but for now here is a few trips from this weekend.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Photos, photos, photos= no sleep

This has definitely been a crazy busy photography week for sure! Monday I had a senior picture and I have been steadily editing senior pics and engagement photos all week, plus my wedding bookings for next year are scheduling fast. This weekend was a blur, I am pretty sure I was sleeping while awake through most of it. Thursday night I got out of work around 8:30 and arrived at home and ate dinner with Ben and was really stressed out on all the things I had to do that evening. It was a long night and I have been backed up on work and there were a few things I really needed to finish before this weekend so I wanted to get those done and I still needed to pack and load up all my equipment. I didn’t end up making it to bed till close to 2am and it wasn’t till well after when I finally fell asleep. So it was a tough time waking up at 6 to get ready to leave as I had to be in Spring Arbor before 10. I planned to leave a little earlier too (luckily I did) knowing I would hit Grand Rapids and Lansing between 8 and 9 rush hour plus construction. Friday I had a wedding in Jackson and then Saturday I had two senior picture boy shoots. Very fun and not as hard as the usual boys. We did farm and hunting shots, which of course I love doing! So excited to share some of those pictures but before I do I have a few projects that I am making myself finish first. So now onto Sunday, I had two family shoots today. Both friends that I know since I family pictures are not my thing and I don’t usually book them but I make the few exceptions. Todays shoots both went well with young boys and I will try to shares some of those this week as well. I am beyond tired and not looking forward to this week but I hope to make some progress on my editing and catch up work and hopefully some sleep as well. We have another busy weekend ahead and this time Ben will come back to Jackson with me and join me at the wedding as well squeeze in some hunting time in Jackson. So far no deer, but we are hoping it will be soon!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

1 year Married!

Here it is. Our 1 year anniversary, in some ways I can't believe that I am here. The girl who never wanted to get married. Who was content not having a guy around. On the hand it feels like its been years (in a good way) that Ben and I just naturally fit together and we don't have to work very hard at this marriage thing. I'm not just saying that either, I know a lot of friends or couples who say its challenging and they have to work at it everyday. Sure we have our disagreements and arguments but they rarely last long at all and I feel we talk through them and then just let things go. For me marriage is pretty easy, but having a guy like my husband by my side makes it that much easier. I couldn't be happier. I know things aren't the greatest for us right now with the unknown future ahead, but at least I know it will get better. Fingers crossed. My husband is wonderful and in the past year I have grown in love with him so much more and I know he feels the same. Our marriage is full of laughter and smiles. Just yesterday I was laughing so hard I couldn't stop at the silliest things. Its good. Without it, it wouldn't be the same. He is caring and sincere, honest and truthful. So many qualities I can't begin to describe. Honestly he is the man of my dreams. We have a wonderful, amazing life together.
Yesterday we went up to Traverse City for our anniversary and it was a beautiful day, warm and sunny and we walked around without a coat and it felt fabulous! We started out driving up through the Lelanau (spelling?) Peninsula and into Leland also known as FishTown. Its a quaint fishing village and we ate in a nice restaurant "The Cove" overlooking the river dam. We had an awesome river window view and we sat there watching the Salmon jump up the dam, trying to get up river for the winter. Ben loves doing that and it is quite entertaining. We even spied some river otters sneaking across the deck! Ben had the perch fish and chips and I had the whitefish, fish and chips. They both were delicious! After walking around for a bit we drove back into Traverse City to hit up some shops before the early Sunday closing times. We walked around there for a while and stopped on the river bridge and watched the fisherman and all the salmon and steelhead in the river. They were stacked up and it was quite entertaining for awhile. We then took a walk along the marina and old zoo, it was just so nice out and it was just a pleasure to just walk and look around. For dinner we went to our favorite restaurant there which is North Peak! SOOOO good! Not once have we ever been there and not liked anything! We had a wonderful dinner we split a bunch of stuff and ordered a hearth stone chicken pesto pizza, calamari and traverse city cherry glazed BBQ wings. Plus Apple Crumb pie for dessert :) So yummy! We even ran into a friend of mine and her husband so we chatted for awhile, she lives in Lansing so it was nice to see her!
All in all a wonderful day and I look forward to another amazing year with my husband!

We love stopping at this roadside pull of. The view is Magnificent!

Same spot as our honeymoon pic!

Ben watching the fish jump from our Restaurant view!

The view from the Cove


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Octobrrrr is here!

I thought I was doing good about posting this month then I realized that it is October 1st now and that my last post was on the 19th. oops! I feel like the past two weeks have flown by and it has been crazy busy with catching up on Senior Pics and a few weddings and lots of orders coming in. So I have been constantly working on pictures. LAst weekend I had an engagement picture on Friday then a friends wedding on Saturday. Which was amazing, she is so creative and every detail was vintage and unique. Loved it! There was even a beautiful double rainbow!
This weekend my Grandma and Parents came up for probably their last weekend to stay at the trailer before it closes up and last night we made a bunch of snacks and baked cookies and then we sat down and played some cards and it was really fun. Its nice to have people over in our house and have the fall decorations up and do some things. with Ben working on the weekends its hard having people to hang out with. Then tonight my parents friends came over as well and we had another night of the same thing. They brought their own snacks which was snicker doodles and monkey bread which were both super good. So it was really fun weekend.
Today was also opening day. For those of you who don't really know what that means (which would of been me before I met Ben) today is the first day you are officially allowed to hunt deer but only with a bow and arrow. Which Ben hunts with both bow and gun but until November 15th you can only use bow which he likes better anyways. We are both anxious for him to get a deer, I am beyond ready to stop eating slimy, greasy ground beef from the store and pay money for it. I did not like venison the times I have had it before this year. We had Ben's deer from last year ground up and also cut into steaks and it lasted us from November to April and it was way better. I can't really tell a difference in flavor a lot but as far as grease it is way healthier for you, half the time there is no grease to pour off. Plus the extra bonus of not having to buy any steaks, or ground beef for months. So I told Ben I expected two deer this year! I hope to sometime make it out with him this season, I am really looking forward to my first experience.
Tomorrow (Sunday) is our 1 year anniversary! Can't believe its been a year already, time flies and yet in some ways it feels like years and normal and easy for us. Definitely not a hard year or a big adjustment like people tell you. We truly blend together and compliment each other perfectly, but I do not want to talk about that right now, that will be a post all in itself! Have to wait to tell you about our day tomorrow and the memories we shared and the love that's grown.

Card nights with snacks

How do I choose a card when they all say good things about my husband?

Reggie is loving the car rides on these fall days!
(disregard the horrible picture quality!)

Lots of rainbows this fall. Beautiful!

Monday, September 19, 2011

The first of many

I'm sick already!? Really? Ugh! I can't even begin to count how many times I was sick last winter and here it is again starting already. The worse part is that Ben has been dealing with a sinus and Ear infection. He has been on antibiotics for like a week now and isn't feeling his best yet. So we are both a mess. Last night he would have a coughing fit then I would start and it just went back and forth, back and forth. I was really surprised we even got some sleep but taking a nighttime cold pill plus a Tylenol pm apparently knocks me out pretty good. I have slept like 11 hours the past few nights, my body has needed it I guess, but I am still exhausted during the day. I didn't go into work tonight either cuz no point in spreading it to all the kids and just tried to rest up for the rest of the week.
I did decided to make today a nice dinner for us. A fall roast for us to help us feel better and I was in the cooking mood but however did not have very much energy so it ended up being a crock pot meal with potatoes and carrots.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ready or Not Fall is here!

Hello Fall! I guess with all this cold weather its time to put the patriotic decorations away and bring out the autumn. Which I absolutely love doing! Ben and I bought a freezer this week (to hold all the venison this year) and so we rearranged the storage rooms and got out the fall stuff as well. So I posted a few crappy pictures below (because I took them on my phone, it was easier) of our fall house. It makes me happy with all the pumpkins and leaves everywhere. Ben and I both really love fall, for him because its hunting season and for me just the season with the apples, cider, pumpkins, hay rides, orchards all that just makes me happy. Also why we decided to get married in the fall, speaking of our 1 year anniversary is only 2 weeks away! I can't believe how fast this year has been. Definitely not hard at all, people tell you the first year is always the hardest and its a big adjustment and I really disagree. We both have been really happy and its been a breeze for the most part. This week we also saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky! Not a rainy sky either, it had been beautiful all day and out comes a rainbow. Love it!

Ben practicing with his Bow

Photo Whirlwind

So I meant to write this before this weekend since I am referencing my crazy weekend of photography last week. So lets begin with Friday I left at about 9 a.m. here in Muskegon and drove straight to Rives Junction (in between Lansing and Jackson) I had a newborn shoot there. Which if any of you have had newborns or done newborn photography you know it takes a few hours. Babies cry, are fussy need to eat, diaper changes, etc. So I was there for a little while but honestly the shoot was one of the best ever! Little Max didn't cry, didn't poop on anything and we got all that needed to be done. Awesome. So from there I went into downtown Jackson and had a Senior boy shoot. That went really well and he had the cutest crooked smile and was really photogenic. That finished at about 6:30 p.m. and then I went to hang out with my friend Breanna. Since we don't get to see each other that often whenever I am in town I will try to stop by. So it was a wonderful time catching up with her.
Now onto Saturday, I started at 11 a.m. at a bridesmaids house shooting them and the bride getting hair and makeup done. Then the wedding and pictures and continuing on to the reception till I left at about 10:30 p.m. So another super long day on Saturday. Loved the wedding though, the reception was full of dancers and I think I took more reception photos than I ever have before! Great time. For once I didn't have to get in the car and drive back to Muskegon either, I once again stayed at my parents. Ben and Reggie drove down for a few hours, Ben hauled some stuff for my parents and helped my dad fix his TV and then he came and helped me at the ceremony, which I felt super bad about because he had an ear infection and sinus infection and had just started his antibiotics so that hadn't completely kicked in yet and he was miserable. Once he drove back he had to go straight to work till 3 am. Poor guy. It just made me miss him that much more.
Sunday, lets see I started at 10:30 a.m. in Grass Lake (about 30min from SA) and had another Lumen Senior. I had Jake's sister years ago and loved her so I was really glad they asked me again. It was fun shooting in a few new locations and discovering different spots in small towns with character. Immediately following that I had the lovely Miss Haley Glinz. Whom I have known her Mom (my cell group leader) since they first moved here when Haley was a baby and her younger sister wasn't even born yet. So growing up throughout middle and high school I watched Haley grow up too. It makes me feel old shooting seniors who I used to babysit and knew since they were little! Haley is another dancer which we all know I love shooting dancers so it was a wonderful time again! After that and with random downpours in between (God had wonderful timing with the rain, whenever we drove it rained and whenever we stopped the rain stopped) I went on to shoot my 3rd senior of the day. Which I had already done the main shoot this was just a few more Jackson spots. So that didn't last too long but I discovered a new spot with her too. Love doing that!
After that super long weekend I had the long drive home but was so thankful to get there and finally spend some time with Ben. Crazy weekend for sure!

Senior Jake Swart

Senior Haley Glinz

Senior Richard Goldfarb

Wedding J0n and Stacy

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hello Septemeber!

I guess a new month is going to be here before we know it. Ben and I had a great holiday weekend. It was nice for me to not have any jobs and just kinda enjoy the last weekend of summer. Since with the weather change it may just be that, the last weekend of summer. I am sure we will be out to the beach or on the jetskit or boat a few more times, but I can't say it will be back in the 80s again. This week has gone so fast! I was look forward to it because I have a lot of senior work I need to catch up on and well now its half way done and I have a crazy busy weekend so there is no chance of having time to work this weekend. I leave for Jackson early Friday morning and I have a senior and a newborn shoot on Friday, Saturday a wedding and then two seniors on Sunday! Crazy eh? It will be long for sure, although I am excited about Ben coming down to help me with the wedding on Saturday. At least I will be able to see him and Reggie a little bit and it will be nice to have him help my parents with a few things around the house. Back to this week, we had a week off of work from the YMCA since we are in between sessions. So along with catching up on work and running errands, preparing for a new schedule, it has been very nice to spend more time with Ben. He is back in school Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays and we are so excited it is the last semester! This morning I woke up at 7 a.m. when he did and made him a packed lunch and then sent him off and I got an early start in on my pictured editing. Then tonight I made a big dinner in the crockpot and I forgot how much I like cooking and preparing for him to come home to at night. We didn't get a chance to do that very often at all this summer since he worked every night. (I am going to go backwards in time again) Yesterday was a really fun day, Ben and I ran a lot of errands and then we went for a drive up to the woods to scout out for deer season. We took Reggie and had a nice walk and time together as a little family. I had homemade chili cooking in the crockpot and we got back and were a little chilled and it was the perfect thing to come home to on these new fall days. I am definitely going to miss that part of the evenings next week when I start back at work.
More seniors and editing has been non stop. I finished a wedding today and have about 4 more seniors to go to catch up. I am glad I am getting all this senior business though I have been enjoying it a lot (just not so much all the editing part since its so time consuming).
Ben and I decided to start working on our Christmas lists and buying presents early this year. Last year we got stuck at the end and ran out of money and I want to spread it out more this year so we aren't spending so much at the last minute, it totally kills ya! So I am excited all ready! Its easy to come up with a list for him, harder for me. I feel like I don't need anything thats not house stuff, or business stuff (which is super expensive). But I am having a really hard time thinking of things that i just want, not for the house or for work, that I could just enjoy.
Well Ben should be home any second and I need to get dinner ready!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Where did summer go?

Wow I can't believe how much I have been totally slacking this summer! The thing is I have more time than I normally do because I didn't book as many weddings this summer. Which has been truly wonderful. I can't remember the last summer where I got to enjoy it as much as I have this year. Nothing much has really changed since the last post, we have just been hanging out at the beach and spending time when we can with each other. Trying to get a date in here and there and time with our families as well. Ben started school this morning. It is bittersweet for sure, we are both so excited that it is the last semester and he will be graduating in December. But there is the constant fear of a job looming in the future and hoping and having faith that everything will work out the way it is supposed to.
I don't remember if I mentioned that I surprised Ben with a small airplane ride over the lake. It was so exciting! Ben rode co-pilot so her got to sit up front and take in all the switches and gauges and be right in the action. It was awesome and so much fun, we went over our house and Maranatha and downtown.
This past week we finally did the zipline at Maranatha. It was my first time ever which is crazy since we have had it for how many years and its free and I have never taken advantage of it. Same with the climbing wall. We will definitely do it more next summer. I was totally scared, its a long climb up and once you stand on the platform and are looking down its quite scary. Especially making the jump... after that though it was awesome! The adrenaline gets you going and it was really fun. Just scary at first!
Let's see what other news there is... We sold the jeep and Ben got a new truck, which we both really love. It is so nice and sharp and clean looking and has a unique look to it. I love it a lot and drove it a little bit already, I know I will drive it a little more in the winter when the ice and snow are out and I will use it for the 4 wheel.
Well I will just sign off with a few pictures. Not sure what else to share... and I vow to post more regularly now. My life has been crazy with seniors these past few weeks and I have loved doing every single one! Check facebook for pictures on those :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fun filled July

So yes once again it has been a few weeks since I posted. There hasn't been much going on except for lots of Beach time, fishing, jetskiing, tubing and fun with friends. Ben and I finally feel like we have a break and some time to relax, even though time is going so fast and we both worked a lot the past few weeks and we have had company up as well. I can't believe next week is August! Time is flying by but at a much more enjoyable pace then last year did. I have already out beat last years days at the beach and today Ben and I were playing in the big waves and I just said "I feel so lucky, we are so blessed to have what we have and live here. I honestly wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now." I have felt that way all day! I love our life and I am so happy and we are truly blessed with what we have.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th Weekend

So this past weekend my Brother and his family came up. The last time we saw them was the beginning of May. On Saturday morning we went down to the penny fair and Rylie got to play all the games and win tickets. Then on Sunday we had an awesome fireworks show right at Maranatha and on Monday we had a big summer birthday celebration for (Bre, Myself, Dad, Rylie, Trevor & Ben) and Rylie got to open all her presents which she was super excited about and got to blow out candles! After that Ben and I headed down to Grand Haven to watch the fireworks there with friends. It was a wonderful weekend and I feel so blessed to have wonderful family on both my side and Ben's and also just to have Ben in my life and share these times together with.
Here are a few pics of the girls from this weekend.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Fishin in Grayling

So for almost a week, Ben, Reggie and I went to Grayling with Ben's parents to relax and well mostly fish. It was a wonderful time and relaxing and we did do a lot of fishing for sure. Every night we were there we went out hoping for the hatch. Sadly because of the weather it didn't happen when we were there but it still was a good time. During the day we would take the dogs to the state park or for stops along the river and we would also visit the downtown which was very small but had a few good shops and a tasty little old fashioned coca cola 50's diner which I loved. It would of been nice if the town was a little bigger and there was more to do or look at but the plus side of that being if it was a bigger town like traverse city or mackinaw or somewhere like that then I wouldn't want to go fishing every night because I would also of wanted to do different things. So it was a pro and a con you could say. Well there wasn't much we did besides those few things, so I will just leave you with a few of the hundreds of pictures I took! I ended up shooting a lot of nature pics which is something I really like doing and hopefully one day in my dreams I can have my own studio/gallery where they will hang... oh dreams. Even if that doesn't happen I still just love taking pictures, so here is a sample and for more you can check out the huge gallery I posted on facebook here...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Two months of Photography

I can't believe it has been so long since I last blogged. It's been over two months now! I feel that there wasn't much to write about, we have been doing the same thing every day Ben and I. Nothing exciting in our personal life and it just seems to be a continuous pattern. I however have been really busy photography wise. I know I am overdue in updating all these photography stories and photos on the blog but at the same time I have been questioning whether or not to post about photography stuff anymore? The reason being, I update everything on facebook and add more pictures up there and honestly its a lot easier. So I feel like no one would check out these pictures on my blog because they are already posted on facebook. So I have been contemplating maybe updating them on here for a few days before posting on facebook or doing different pictures on here? What do you guys think? I don't want to be repetitive and honestly I am just not sure if anyone even comes on and reads photography updates on here versus just looking on facebook. Does anyone have an opinion on that? What do you other photographers do?
Well after all that here is a collection of the few weddings and some engagements I have been shooting in the past few months.

Luke & Florencia ~ April 23rd

Matt & Kelsey ~ April 30th

Chris & Kristin ~ June 11th

Matt & Codi ~ Engagement
October Wedding

Jason & Samantha ~ Engagement
November Wedding