The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend


Thanksgiving Weekend, Ben and I set off for Michigan City where we met my parents and picked them up and headed off to Chicago for the weekend to spend with my brother and family. Being as it was Black friday we stopped on the way there at Cabela's and hit up some sales and of course played around in the gun range! We spent time with the family and so excited to see the girls!! Rylie was playing dress up in her Alice in Wonderland outfit and it was so cute! I got the most adorable picture of her in it, if I say so myself! On Saturday, Ben, Grandma(my mom) Bre and the girls went to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa and hang out. So Ben and I hit up some more sales and Christmas shopping and then it was really nice to see the girls visit Santa. it was a long wait so Ben and Rylie played around with all the games in Santas Workshop, like the remote control cars and trains, gun range, crossbow range, wii fishing and gun games. We went to the fish aquarium and the trout pond! Lots to do! The mall at Gurnee Mills is huge and Ben and I stayed for awhile and walked around. That night they all came over our hotel and we went swimming! It was fun times! Glad we got that weekend with them!
Of course, here is some pics!

Dad and I at the gun range (you can see my sling hanging off)!

Rylie in her Alice dress :)

Ben and I at the fish tank

The girls and I in Santa's chair!

Ben teaching Rylie how to shoot!

The girls with Santa

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