The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh Sweet Georgia

This is Ben's first time in Georgia... he was not being as excited as I was about documenting it. This is all I got. I did throw a snowball at him though and told him it was only because he has never had snow from Georgia ha. He didn't think it was too funny :) Then we found a Bass Pro right off the high way and everyone really was excited to stop! So yeah... here is Ben at Bass Pro too!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Eller Christmas

So I have been trying to upload photos for like an hour now and either the internet just stinks in Georgia or my computer is really really old and pos. So this is as far as I got. They won't upload on facebook either!
Yesterday we celebrated Our First Christmas Together! It was awesome and I loved waking up with him and starting the day off together. We headed over to the Ellers for christmas breakfast and unwrapping presents with the kiddos. Then we headed back home to do our own thing and finish packing for the trip. Then back for big Christmas Dinner with cousins, aunts and uncles and his grandma and grandpa. Here are a few pics since like I said they were taking forever!

By the end of the day Ben had a mohawk going on haha

Morgan and Reggie

Reggie and his new Moose from his Grandma and Grandpa Eller

Friday, December 24, 2010

Packing and whatnot

I am not up late packing and scrambling to get things together! We have Family Christmas tomorrow morning and dinner in the afternoon with the Ellers! Then Ben and I head out to pick up my parents and on the road to Florida we go!! Lots to do! We need to be ready tonight!

A Kingsley Christmas

Last weekend we had the Kingsley Family Christmas. It ended up being a very short weekend. My brother and his family didn't come in till Saturday and then our cousins and Aunt and Uncle all came over for a night of hanging out and good food. So on Sunday Morning we woke up and had our Christmas with my little nieces and then went to Church as a family. Ben and I had to leave shortly after to head back home so he could go to work and then we went to the Christmas Program at his church with his family. Basically just took some pics of the girls this weekend and thats about it, since we didn't have much more time together than that. But better to be together than not!!

Grandma B with all her Great Grandkids!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tinsel, Lights, Snow & Memories

Here is a picture story of Ben and mine's Holiday Decorating...

Our tree with just the lights....

Our three lit up with the lights....

Reggie watching...

Ben getting the tall parts of the tree...

Every ornament has a story from places traveled!

My in-laws gave this to me last Christmas,
it was my favorite ornament on my first trip to Frankenmuth!
I usually do not like "ball" ornaments,
but I just fell in love with this woodsy scene!

Ben and I bought this woodsy one on our trip to Frankenmuth this year.

Our "First" Christmas Together Ornament!!
I Love the little snowmen bride and groom :)

Ben and Reggie out in our first major snowfall this year out in the yard hanging up the Christmas lights, with me running around snapping pictures hahaha

Do you see the lighted Candy Canes in our tree?

Reggie loving, seriously loving the snow!

The pumpkins from our wedding our still perfect and glittery! I know it is beyond time to go, but their just so pretty, even covered in Snow!

Snow on the big pine tree

Ben and Reggie Hanging lights!

Our Reindeer

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


On December 5th I went with Ben and his parents and his brother Michael to celebrate Michaels birthday with the family up in Traverse City. It was a beautiful day and a quick day trip but we got to see the Big Christmas tree they set up in the street and got to walk down the snowy wind blown streets and it was cold but very enchanting. A wonderful day.

Thanksgiving Weekend


Thanksgiving Weekend, Ben and I set off for Michigan City where we met my parents and picked them up and headed off to Chicago for the weekend to spend with my brother and family. Being as it was Black friday we stopped on the way there at Cabela's and hit up some sales and of course played around in the gun range! We spent time with the family and so excited to see the girls!! Rylie was playing dress up in her Alice in Wonderland outfit and it was so cute! I got the most adorable picture of her in it, if I say so myself! On Saturday, Ben, Grandma(my mom) Bre and the girls went to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa and hang out. So Ben and I hit up some more sales and Christmas shopping and then it was really nice to see the girls visit Santa. it was a long wait so Ben and Rylie played around with all the games in Santas Workshop, like the remote control cars and trains, gun range, crossbow range, wii fishing and gun games. We went to the fish aquarium and the trout pond! Lots to do! The mall at Gurnee Mills is huge and Ben and I stayed for awhile and walked around. That night they all came over our hotel and we went swimming! It was fun times! Glad we got that weekend with them!
Of course, here is some pics!

Dad and I at the gun range (you can see my sling hanging off)!

Rylie in her Alice dress :)

Ben and I at the fish tank

The girls and I in Santa's chair!

Ben teaching Rylie how to shoot!

The girls with Santa

Our First X-Mas Tree. Married.


So yes it is tradition in Ben's family that we go get our tree the day after Thanksgiving. It was definitely a lot warmer this year than last year even though it was still a bitter wind, there was no snow on the ground. I did get so cold that I had to find a spot for a potty break haha, but we were like the only ones walking around the huge Christmas tree farm so it wasn't too hard.
Here are some pictures!

Will & Morgan Posing

So Cute!

The Eller Clan

Our tree (and me in my sling)

Ben cutting down the tree

The boys dragging both trees

The tree shaker vibrator

One Month

So I just realized it has been exactly one month since I blogged. Wow. The time has been flying by and almost everyday there is something and I am always thinking I need to blog about it. I don't want to miss writing down experiences or things that have happened during this first year of marriage. I want to be able to remember it all and go back and read it. So I have missed alot this month. There are alot of things to blog about, I don't know where to start. So I will just go back as far as I can.